Why We Get The Good Stuff When We Feel Grateful

Have you ever given lovingly to someone and they did not appreciate your gift in any way? Or perhaps you have gone out of your way to help them and they did not even acknowledge your effort?

It actually hurts, doesn’t it?

Not because we need recognition but because the whole point of our giving was to make a difference to that person. If they have not appreciated it then it feels as though our efforts were pointless.

As a result, we are probably less likely to naturally want to give to that person again, are we not?


The Universe Longs For Us To Feel Grateful

It occurred to me that this is how the Universe must feel when we don’t appreciate this miraculous thing called life.

Every time the sun shines for us and all we do is complain about traffic that day.

Every time the stars shine brightly for us and we just remember who annoyed us today.

Every time big family celebrations occur and all we feel is stressed and inconvenienced.

The Universe must honestly feel as though we just don’t see all of the phenomenal gifts that we are given every single day.

Yet it keeps on loving us completely and waits patiently for any moment in which we may wake up to the preciousness of life.


There Is a Logic To It

Is it any wonder that the Universe blesses those that feel grateful?

We think that those that are constantly grateful are so because they have lucky lives. That is not true. They have abundant lives because they practice gratitude.

The Universe adores those that feel grateful and sends them more to be grateful for. Imagine, it must sigh “finally someone who gets it”.

I am not saying that we must be super human. We all face challenging moments and it is okay to feel how we feel about things.

What I am saying is that we can get ourselves into bad habits.

The mind forms patterns quickly. If I ask you to search for everything that is red for a whole day, by the end of the day you will be so good at finding things that are red. If I ask you what was blue during the day you will not be able to recall many blue things.

This is because what our mind seeks, it will find.

If we seek gratitude we will find things for which to feel grateful. The more we practice this, the more we will find abundance in our life. The more abundance we feel, the more we will receive from the Universe.


Let Us Focus Our Mind

So let us not allow ourselves to focus on the negative. Let us seek out anything and everything for which we could say ‘thank you’.

Let us imagine the Universe scooping us up into the embrace it has been waiting for us to accept.

Let us begin our life of abundance and blessings.

What could you feel grateful for right now?

With love,



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