How many times a day do we remind ourselves of all the problems that we have?

Who isn’t acting how we would like them to, what we still need to buy to have the perfect life, what we don’t have enough of in order to feel good.

We all do it.

And right now, we can take a well-deserved break from that and give ourselves the tremendous gift of expressing gratitude.

This may sound odd, but expressing gratitude is enchanting.

When you express gratitude, you envelope yourself in a warm shower of good-feelings, that magically cleanse you of all the heavy stuff that has been weighing you down.

Your whole body becomes a super-charged magnet of positivity, and abundance will not be long until it is knocking on your door.

So with no further ado…

Enchant Yourself By Expressing Gratitude

Choose somewhere that you feel comfortable and safe.

Use the medium that you feel most in tune with e.g. writing, speaking aloud with your eyes closed, or speaking to yourself in the mirror. Personally, I like to close my eyes because it helps me turn inwards, but we are all different and it is very important to use the medium that resonates the most with you. Read here to discover the perfect way for you.

Take some deep breathes and connect.

Say or write ‘I am grateful for…’ and begin to hear yourself answer.

Allow your words of gratitude to flow up and through you, feeling the lightness travel through your whole body.

Smile and laugh and have fun!

Cry, if tears come up for you.

Allow all the emotion to have its voice and feel gratitude in your heart for the expression.

And don’t stop being grateful until it feels like it comes to a natural end.

Then sit back and observe how enchanted you feel.

Keep on expressing your gratitude as you go about your days.

Every day.

Enchant yourself.

With all my love