What would you give to live the life that you love?

What would you give

to live the life that you love?

With the right tools in your grasp, ANYTHING is possible.

With the right tools in your grasp, ANYTHING is possible.

Here I gift you a power-pack of tools – so that you can harness the power of your mind and make all your dreams come true.

Here I gift you a power-pack of tools – so that you can harness the power of your mind and make all your dreams come true.


Hi my name is Jess.

If you would like to learn more about the girl behind Live The Life You Love, then click below.

But please know that this site isn’t about me. 

It’s About You

You are more special than you probably know.

You are a magnificent expression of the divine and the creative energy that flows through you is LIMITLESS.

You have the power to have, be or do anything. Everything that currently holds you back can be dissolved and released.

And you can create a life of more health, wealth, happiness and harmony than you can even comprehend at this stage.

I’m with you friend – I will help you to step into your abundance!






The root of joy is gratefulness – it unlocks the fullness of life.

Let go

The more gratitude you feel, the more abundance you will create.

Let me introduce myself

Let me introduce myself

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People are grateful

Listening to these affirmations nightly RADICALLY transformed my life from the inside out! They get straight to the core! IT'S INSANE! After 1 month my health, nutrition, gym routine, energy levels, RADICALLY transformed! PURE MAGIC! 10/10!


Thank you very much for your amazing experience and wisdom. I listen everyday to your videos, even few times a day. More and more I feel your words become my own words. So beautiful. I love you.


This has been my nightly meditation for over 2 years - Jess, this channel, & your meditations have changed my life - these are the first meditations I found that I loved & nothing has replaced it & my life is so much better, grounded, fulfilled, happy.


My favourite guided meditations 🙏🏻❤️


These meditations feel so gooodddd. I don't even know how to explain the level of calm and peace I feel. I am so grateful for these meditations. Thank you and I love you all!❤❤


Because of this channel, I have manifested my dream into reality! I live in my beautiful home . 🏡Family visit. It's amazing. Thank you 🙏 Universe. Thank you Jess


I am addicted to your videos! I literally want to do nothing but listen to them at every single moment of the day 🙏🏽 I wanted to commit suicide for a long tine but universe brought me to one of your self-love vids and changed my life’s perspective. Thank you, honestly.


This is my new favorite youtube channel. <3 thank u so much for your work! These affirmations are exactly the food that my soul needs.


This audio was so gentle and touched my soul, I had to cry as a release of so many years beating myself up inside. It sounded as if an angel was speaking directly to my soul. I am grateful I was guided to your channel.


I try and listen to Jess' tracks every day after my yoga practice. It helps place me in the best mindset to beat my long term anxiety and depression, and I'm so grateful for this channel. Thank you! ❤


I suffer from disorders that wont allow me to be productive which has been killing me over the years. But now everyday I wake up and I feel brand new and reprogrammed with positivity and optimism - I can feel it!


I honestly didn’t think this would make a difference but I gave my all and I felt and saw every word being spoken. Then this amazing rush of energy ran through me. This was so amazing ❤️


Wow! These are the Best subliminal videos that I have listened to!!!


BEST meditation channel on YouTube. Hands down. ❤️💜


Thank you, I don’t think you understand how much I really needed this. These types of affirmations are the ones you really need to hear after a lifetime of of poor self-worth.


These are the most beautiful meditations I've ever done, and I've been returning to them for years! Thank you soooo much for sharing your gift with us! Your voice is absolutely amazing!💕🌟💫🙏


I’ve tried a lot of different meditations up through the years, but these are the first that really makes my heart sing. Thank you. 💖.


I love your voice so much. Is sounds so angelic and your energy is so beautiful. Thank you so much for the work your doing. Also just the way you say the affirmations is unique in their own way to the point to where it’s just dazzling and helps me a lot. Thanks again seriously.


I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful for your meditations! I listen every day! It's changing my brain! It's changing the field around me too. In the past I've had such automatic, negative self-limiting thought patterns, but your videos changing all of that. This is literally giving me a new brain. God bless you for this!!! ❤️


These are my favorite videos in the whole world!


PERFECT voice and music for this kind of subliminal. I soooo need this kind of reprograming. I am thankful for you, Jess. Much appreciate all you do to help us to reprogram our minds for good.


I would definitely recommend these meditations to anyone that needs to be lifted out of a dark hole. I am a depression patient with panick attacks - after listening to this before going to bed, I experienced myself filling with happiness & small things I wanted were coming to me.


I am grateful for these videos. I listen to them every day and my life has started changing spontaneously - without any effort from my side. More importantly, I have started changing. I have started seeing the magic of life, instead of just taking it for granted and letting it pass by me. Thank you🙏


Wow this has helped me so much! I literally woke up more making more money everyday this week ✨👌🏽🙏🌈


These affirmations are absolutely my favorite! Your words resonate with my very spirit. These are words I needed to hear for a long time. I feel happier, loved, seen, confident, special and ready to move mountains! I also share this with friends and family. Thank so much for these amazing affirmations. ❤❤❤


These are my fave meditations on YouTube. Thank you. Been listening for months and I actually have manifested some things into my life. I believe these meditations helped. 💕


I've been playing this and all your other self love affirmations as I sleep for 17 nights and the way I talk to myself has improved. I literally compliment myself all day, say I love myself, I woke up this morning (330 am) saying how awesome I am.


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The Law of Attraction is the greatest tool you’ll ever learn.

It is the law which governs what you have (or don’t have) in your life.

Simply put, every thought you think creates your reality. You will attract exactly that which is in alignment with your vibration. And it is your thoughts and feelings that determine the vibration that you emit into the Universe (and therefore what you attract).

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