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  • Take ‘The Litmus Test’ and go through a VITALLY IMPORTANT rite of passage to claim your power. 

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  • Discover the Law of Attraction ‘Sweet Spot’ (the secret to SUCCESSFUL manifesting)

  • Learn how to manifest miracles daily with the Superpower Emotion.

  • Discover the secret of ‘Masterminds’ and how they help you manifest.

  • Find out WHY your goals aren’t manifesting and MAKE SURE they do (the Make or Break manifesting secret).

  • Receive the Magic Ingredient (my personal secret to manifesting UNLIMITED abundance in every area of your life).

INCLUDES: 9 Guided Meditations and a step-by-step Workbook to maximise your success!

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Thank you Jess I think you give a TRUE gift in this course!!! The information you give is PRICELESS, and the way you explain things is incredible. Thankyou for sharing all these unknown secrets of the Law of Attraction and thank you for being you!


I've taken 2 other Law of Attraction courses by so called 'gurus' and they were rubbish in comparison to this! What Jess has created here is mindblowing. She really cares about making you a successful manifestor and her secrets have made all the difference. After doing the meditations and workbook, I manifested my first goal of $1,000 that month! Cannot wait to keep manifesting now! I LOVE YOU JESS THANKU! 💚



Wow wow WOW! The day after completing the modules, I manifested 1 of the goals I've been working on manifesting since forever! All thanks to you and your incredible course Jess, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! x0x0x


I have studied the Law of Attraction for years now and I have always gotten frustrated by my
results…or should I say by my lack of results. In this course Jess gives you her proven
SECRETS that really helped me to truly understand why I wasn’t achieving my desired goals. I
really think this course offers something very special and important to implementing the Law of
Attraction correctly. I am already noticing a shift in my awareness and I am beyond excited to
see how my life changes because I now know the TRUTH about the Law of Attraction.


Around the same time I was starting to explore the concepts of manifestation and the law of attraction I found Jess’ Youtube Channel. I used her meditations daily and could literally feel my life starting to change, maybe more accurately how I felt about my life. When she put out the Law of Attraction Mastery Course I jumped right in. What I love about the course is it starts with laying a foundation of knowledge and then she takes you through all the concepts that support a truly abundant and happy life. Some of these concepts are unique and not widespread knowledge! I’m very grateful to have done this course because these are ideas that will last a lifetime.


I'm blown away by what you've provided here! The guided meditations take this course to the next level - they really helped me discover what I REALLY want and dissolved so many of my limitations! Just amazing. I also found the workbook helped me methodically work through all the secrets you gave. I've already manifested 1 of my goals and KNOW the rest are coming soon!




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