5 Essentials To Making Your Dreams Come True

So you know exactly what your dream looks like. You can step into the picture frame of your ultimate desire and literally touch it. Ahhh. It feels just as good as you imagined.


Easy tiger! You can have it but let’s take a step back.

We need to manifest this baby.


The 5 essentials to making your dreams come true are:

  1. Childlike belief
  2. Laser gun to zap negative beliefs
  3. Your hunting kit
  4. Super courageous shoes
  5. Buckets of excitement


1. Believing Is Really Living

What I absolutely love about children is that they still believe that there are omnipotent.

No matter how high the tree is, they can climb it. No matter how many sweets there are in the shop, they are sure they can consume the lot.

They are still untouched by the limitations that we believe so heavily in as adults.

The truth is that children are more connected and more alive than most of us. But we can still be like them. We can reconnect with our abundant energy.

Imagine that you can have whatever you want.

                  Life is a playground. It’s all for the taking.

                                                    Nothing stands in your way.


2. Don’t Forget Your Laser Gun

If I could manufacture a real laser gun that could instantly ZAP negative beliefs as they arose in people, it would probably be the highest grossing product in the world and I reckon that I’d also win the Nobel Peace Prize that year.

Unfortunately I can’t. But you can produce your own laser gun.

Every time those awful thoughts come up to sabotage your happiness yet again, ZAP them.




Star Wars Storm Troopers, eat your heart out.

Honestly, whatever pops up to stop you manifesting your dreams, please realise that it is not true.


Whatever it is, no matter how real it may seem to you, it isn’t valid. It only seems real because you are giving it energy. ZAP it now and forevermore.

Realising this could be the difference between you sitting exactly where you are in 12 months time and you well on your way to making your dreams come true.


3. Your All Important Hunting Kit

In my humble opinion, if we sat on our butts and all our desires just landed in our lap, we probably wouldn’t appreciate them as much and life would get a little boring.

It is far more interesting to seek and to discover amazing ways to make our dreams come true.

Inside your hunting kit, you hold all facilities you will need:-

  • The internet that can show you paths you never knew existed
  • People you can ask for advice on what they know/how they did it
  • Friends or family that can help and support timewise/emotionally/financially
  • Faculties that offer grants
  • Sponsors
  • Communities that are experts
  • Much much more

And let’s not forget the most important….

  • Your inspiration – ideas that pop into your head, as if by magic. This is where you will find the real goodies, because you are tapping in to your abundance and out of abundance come miracles.

You have it all within you. You will be amazed.


4. Super Courageous Shoes And Taking Action Today

There is no room for procrastination when you are dead-set on having what you REALLY want. Procrastinators need to get out their laser gun and start zapping.

It does all seem very daunting, I know. The myriad of how’s, what’s, where’s, when’s come up and it seems impossible.

But it’s not.

We are tuning in to our childlike belief and we know that the world is our oyster.

All it takes, is to know the next step.

Once we know the next step, we put on our super courageous shoes and take that step.

We keep on putting one foot in front of the other – one step closer to our dream.

We don’t step back and look at the big picture and all we still have to do, because then we will get downhearted and give up.

One step at a time.

Every step we take, we congratulate ourselves. We thank our super courageous shoes for all their hard work and we celebrate taking the next step.


5. Get Excited – You Are Making Your Dreams Come True!

Oh yeah. That’s right. Get excited because it is actually going to happen for you.

Keep on feeling that great feeling.

Keep imagining you are there: – driving your Jaguar, sunbathing in the Maldives, succeeding in your dream job. Whatever it is for you.

The more of this positive energy you can cultivate, the more potent your creativity becomes. You become like a beam of light, travelling with a focus and intensity that makes miracles happen.

You are a powerful creator. Powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

Make your dreams come true!

With all my love,



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