Can Miracles Happen in Just 1 Week? My True Story!

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On Thursday 1st October, I was due to see Dr Wayne Dyer speak at a conference in London.

When I heard he had passed away, I was so deeply saddened that I wouldn’t get to hear his wise voice, nor be in the presence of (what I believe to have been) a descended angel.

The event however was not cancelled. It was instead hosted by Robert Holden (author of Shift Happens) and Anita Moorjani (Wayne’s protégé and author of Dying to be Me). Both of these spiritual teachers and Wayne Dyer himself were very dear to my late sister’s heart and I found it no coincidence that they were due to host this conference.

I just knew I had to go.  


Miracles Happen

The moment I knew I had to go was inspired – or a moment ‘in-Spirit’ – indeed, a moment in which miracles happen.

In this conference, we saw videos of the very special Wayne Dyer speaking from a place of such connection to divine love, that the sheer beauty of it brought tears to all of our eyes. One video in particular was shared, in which Wayne talked about the biggest ‘Quantum Moment’ of his life – the moment in which he forgave his absent alcoholic father, whom he called his ‘greatest teacher’. I share his video on this moment of forgiveness with you at the end of this post.

But how wrong I could have been in thinking that I would not hear Wayne Dyer’s voice nor feel his presence at the conference. In fact, his powerful energy reverberated through that conference hall and was magnified within the heart of every single person there. His presence was so tangible, it felt as though he was speaking to each of us individually – as if he truly was sitting beside every one of us. 


My Quantum Moment

All I can say is that, that conference has been a Quantum Moment in my life. Something deeply profound has shifted within me and I feel as though my vibration has been dramatically raised. 

I have already begun to see physical manifestations of this higher consciousness, but I know that so many more will be flowing through the door in the weeks and months to come. I share this with you now, because I believe this is the start of something miraculous for me and I wish to share this journey with you as I go.


Here are a few things that have happened to me in as little as 1 week:-

• I have received a lump sum of £47,000 from the Universe. This came in the form of a very valuable, lost watch which I found on the side of a street. I turned it in to the police so that the owner could find their watch again. Because no one came to claim it, the watch legally became mine after a few of weeks!)

• A huge quantity of freelance work has flooded through my door, nearly doubling my monthly income

• I walk 3 miles every morning in beautiful nature, before meditating for 1 hour – I feel energised and powerfully connected to Source

• I have stopped drinking alcohol and have started detox juicing again

• I feel light, trusting, loving and completely guided by Source

• I am forgiving everything and returning to love

• I have met some amazing, like-minded people in my local community and am making new friends

• I have begun my own Meditation Group twice per week (starting next Tuesday). I am very nervous but I know it is time for me to start supporting people in person to transform and connect with their divine love


All this has happened in an incredibly short space of time and has shown me that:-

Once you align with a higher vibrational frequency, your ‘Flow State’ is manifested around you in the physical world. Not only that, but it can be as quick as within 1 week!

If you are reading this and thinking that this couldn’t be true for you, then I am sad to say – you are right.

If you are reading this and thinking ‘Wow – I would love to believe Jess, give this a go and trust’, then amazing miracles will also happen for you. Remember, you will always create a direct reflection of your inner state of well-being.

To quote Wayne Dyer – ‘I am realistic – I expect miracles’.


So let me ask you, what can you begin doing to raise your vibration right now, to feel lighter and to align with Source? Whatever it is, start doing it!

Enjoy and may great Shifts and miracles happen for you!

With all my love,




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