Reprogram Your Mind – Wealth Affirmations (While You Sleep)

Reprogram Your Mind for Wealth
Create UNLIMITED WEALTH in your life! 8hrs of powerful wealth affirmations to reprogram your mind so that you can attract MASSIVE money into your life.

Reprogramming the subconscious mind is a vital part of being able to release old, limiting patterns so that you can begin manifesting what you really want into your life.

Most people don’t realise how much negative junk they have lodged in their subconscious and just how much that has been stopping all their desires from manifesting. But with this 8hr track (to listen to while you sleep), the subconscious will be reprogrammed and your dreams will become reality!

These beautiful money affirmations will AUTOMATICALLY reprogram your mind while you sleep so that you can erase past conditioning and rewire your thoughts to align with a vibration of huge prosperity.

I love you,
Jess ❤️️


I am rich.

I have extraordinary wealth.

Money loves me and I love money.

I am incredibly prosperous.

I am bountiful.

My money brings me great joy.

My money brings me great freedom.

I am at peace with my wealth.

I deserve all of the prosperity I have in my life.

I deserve all my good.

I deserve the freedom and happiness my wealth brings me.

I am grateful for everything that I have.

I am grateful for everything that I receive.

I am a money magnet.

Money follows me wherever I go.

I enjoy the process of creating wealth.

Huge quantities of passive income constantly arrive into my bank account.

I am an unlimited being accepting from an unlimited source in an unlimited way.

I vibrate at the same frequency of tremendous wealth.

I am abundant.

I feel marvelous as a rich person.

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

I feel at ease with the huge wealth I have.

I live joyfully in my limitless lifestyle.

I feel safe and secure in my wealth.

Money pours into my life in unexpected and exciting ways.

I am open and receptive to all the wealth in the Universe.

I am kind and generous with my riches, knowing that the more I give, the more I have to give.

Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.

I am financially free.

Passive income opportunities arise in my life all the time.

My many bank accounts are filled with mountains of money.

I glow with the joy of being profusely rich.

With fun, excitement and ease, I generate enormous money in my life.

New ideas for generating passive income arise for me all the time and my endeavours are fruitful.

I am successful.

Money is good.

I trust my wealth.

I trust myself.

I live in vast and unlimited prosperity.

I feel safe in my prosperity.

I feel deeply at peace in my financial security.

I feel nourished by the security my wealth brings.

I adore all of the material things that my financial abundance gives me.

I adore all of the experiences that my financial abundance gives me.

I revel in the time my financial abundance gives me – all the things that I have the time to do and the people I can spend time with.

I love my lavish lifestyle.

I love being rich.

I deserve to be rich.

Being rich is my birthright.

I can have, be or do anything.

The more I open myself up to the abundance that money brings, the more I receive.

Money flows to me because it is a reflection of my state of being.

I am at ease with the abundance the universe pours over me every day.

I am successfully conditioning my subconscious mind to accept wealth into my life.

It is safe to be rich.

I am very successful.

I make money, even when I sleep.

I am relaxed in my ability to create incredible wealth.

I always have enough.

I am enough.

Life supports me.

Everything in the Universe is working in my favour.

I am able to see the abundance that surrounds me in every moment.

I live in an abundant Universe with plentiful opportunities.

I allow the Universe to bring me multiple streams of income.

With every step I take, copious amounts of money make their way into my life.

The life I imagined in my wildest dreams is the life that I now live.

I see just how special I am and I know I am so worthy of all the joy and freedom my wealth brings.

I know that for money to find me, I must be open to it.

I love life and life loves me.

Money is attracted to me.

I trust in the Law of Attraction.

Money is my friend.

Money just works for me.

Prosperity is drawn to me.

I have a wealth mindset.

Rivers of money flows to me.

I am unlimited in my ability to create income-generating businesses.

I sustain and manage my wealth easily.

I am always in the right place at the right time.

I radiate abundance.

I know that the abundant life I have is a reflection of my thoughts and feelings and therefore I always choose thoughts that make me feel abundant.

I am open and receptive to new avenues of income.

Money is pouring into my life.

I do what I love, and it creates huge wealth in my life.

I turn my passions into a massive financial success.

Large amounts of money are coming to me in ever increasing amounts.

I give with an open heart knowing that the supply of my wealth is unlimited.

I receive with joy, knowing that I deserve all gifts and blessings.

I share the joy that my financial freedom has rewarded me with others.

I have boundless financial prosperity and am free to treat myself and others to everything and anything we could ever want.

I have unlimited financial prosperity, and with it, I love to serve others.

Prosperity comes to me in a variety of forms.

I allow myself to resonate at the freq of limitless abundance.

Physical abundance flows into my life in creative, exciting unexpected ways.

I was created wealthy.

I was born to be abundant.

I was born to live my joy.

I am confident in my ability to create wealth no matter what.

I am comfortable with my success.

I love being this rich.

I feel at ease in my riches.

I feel happily at home in my prosperity.

I feel safe and comforted in my abundance.

I feel worthy of wealth.

I feel deserving of great luxury.

I feel deserving of great opulent.

I feel at one with fortune.

I feel a great harmony and sense of fulfillment with my richness.

I am at one with wealth.

My riches are forever increasing as I give more of myself in service to the world.

I am my most authentic self AND wealthy.

I am me AND I am rich.

All my actions result in money accruing to me.

Manifesting wealth is easy and fun.

It is safe for me to be phenomenally rich.

I am safe.

I am taken care of.

Every need and desire of mine is met.

I am supported.

I am loved.

I am free.

I shine brightly in the world, and beautiful blessings show up to shine in my life.

I emit a powerful energy of abundance and seeds of abundance grow big and mighty in all areas of my life.

Every morning, I wake up with abundance and gratitude in my heart.

Every night, I sleep with a deep sense of fulfilment for the incredibly blessed, abundant life I have.

My wealth shines from within me.

I step into the Univere’s infinite energy stream of prosperity now and I am given the gift of wealth.

I am limitless.

I am free.

I am safe.

Thank you for all my opportunities to receive money.

Thank you for my vast wealth.

Thank you for my incredibly blessed life.

Thank you for all the prosperity that continues to flood into my life.

Thank you for my many bank accounts filled with extraordinary sums of money.

Thank you for my extensive assets.

Thank you for my passive income.

Thank you for my ability to have, be or do anything I want.

Thank you for my freedom.

Thank you for the never ending joy my money brings me and others.

Thank you.


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