I AM Affirmations to MANIFEST YOUR GOAL (While You Sleep)

manifest your goal i am affirmations
POWERFUL I AM affirmations to rewire your brain, UNLOCK the power of your subconscious mind and MANIFEST YOUR GOAL while you sleep.

Pick a particular goal you would like to manifest and then listen to these positive affirmations every night while you sleep and your chosen goal WILL manifest for you! The more you listen, the more you will supercharge your power of manifestation!

Available in both the ‘You Are’ and ‘I Am’ versions 😉

With love,

Jess ❤️


My goal is NOW manifested into my life.

What I so desired is now mine.

I am grateful.

I am so happy.

I am elated.

I am fulfilled.

I am abundant.

I am totally aligned with my power of manifestation.

I know that I can manifest whatever I desire.

I am worthy.

I am worthy of my dreams manifesting into my life.

I am worthy of all my good.

I deserve my abundance.

I deserve to be happy.

I deserve to have the life of my dreams.

I am limitless.

I am able to have everything that I want.

I am truly blessed.

I am grateful for all that I already have.

I am grateful for all that I manifest.

Abundance is my birthright.

I am a powerful manifestor.

Every day, I focus my energy on manifesting my goal.

I visualise what I desire.

I feel as if my goal has already manifested for me.

I emit the same vibration as that which I want to attract.

I choose to emit high vibrations.

Every day, I feel love.

Every day, I feel grateful.

Every day, I feel joyful.

Every day, I feel peaceful.

Every day, I feel abundant.

I manifest my best life.

I dream big.

Miracles happen for me all the time.

I receive abundance in expected and unexpected ways.

I use my vast power as the creator of my reality to manifest my goals.

I manifest the goals that are in alignment with my greatest good.

I manifest what is best for me.

I trust in a greater mind.

I trust that I am always guided and taken care of.

I trust that I am so loved and supported.

I trust life.

I am really enjoying the goal that has now manifested for me.

I am feeling totally fulfilled and happy.

I am seeing that I really can manifest anything!

I am believing in the Law of Attraction.

I am believing in my power.

I am celebrating my mastery of the Law of Attraction.

I am amazing at manifesting.

I am vibrating at the frequency of pure abundance.

Whenever I ask for a miracle, it manifests.

I am worthy of miracles.

I receive great blessings in my life.

Whatever I think and feel, I attract.

I am choosing thoughts and feelings of love, abundance, joy and peace.

I am choosing to see the miracles all around me.

I am grateful.

Thank you.

Thank you for my goal that has now manifested.

Thank you for my limitless abundance.

Thank you for my happiness.

Thank you for my fulfillment.

Thank you for my miracles.

Thank you for my ability to manifest all of my desires.

Thank you for my wonderful life.

Thank you.


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