My Top Tip To Creating Powerful Affirmations

We know just how powerful affirmations can be in cultivating more of what truly desire and eradicating negative blockages that no longer serve us.

We have seen shifts happen in our lives that have given us the proof that affirmations work.

So what is it that makes powerful affirmations? What could you be doing more of to make your affirmations even more potent?


Powerful Affirmations – My Tip Revealed

When you take a moment’s break from the world and give yourself special time to do affirmations, what medium do you use to perform them? Do you write them, say them or think them? You may have been told to do them in a certain way and have never stopped to think about which medium is in fact the most powerful for you.

We are all wonderfully different and each of us has one or two physical senses that resonate strongly with us.

By using the senses that resonate most highly with us as individuals, we can go much deeper into our core and make more profound changes.

To give you an idea of what your special senses might be, ask yourself if you have a sense that is particularly heightened?

Do you enjoy the sensation of writing and the experience of reading?

Is sound something that affects you deeply?

Do you find that certain smells arouse thoughts and feelings within you?

You may answer ‘yes’ to all of the above, or there may be one or two that particularly stand out for you. Either way, this is an opportunity for you to get creative.

The idea is to think of ways that you can do your affirmations that will really hit home. It is about touching that place within you that can create powerful change.


Getting Creative

So for example, you may be a very sensual person that responds strongly to touch, so you may source a special book that is beautifully textured and a pen that writes magnificently. Perhaps you could hug yourself whilst saying the affirmation out loud, or stamp your feet in affirmation of your words.

You may be a person that is sensitive to sound, so you may focus this sense by closing your eyes, using tranquil music to relax into a deeper state of consciousness, speaking aloud your affirmations. For people with this sense, it is tremendously powerful to hear their own voice confirming the affirmations.

You may be a very visual person that soaks up your environment through sight, so you may find a beautiful image that you wish to focus on in your mind whilst doing your affirmation. Or you may wish to look in the mirror and say the affirmations aloud whilst looking straight into your own eyes.

There is no ‘wrong’ way to do your affirmations. This is about you finding the method that deeply resonates with you.

Your relationship with affirmations will last you a lifetime so enjoy the process of discovering the special method that works for you!

With all my love,



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