5 Vital Life Lessons to Learn before It’s Too Late

The call came at 9am on the 30th October 2014. It was my sister, Katie; the eldest sister alive after the passing of my father and other beloved sister 2 years ago.

“I need to tell you something sweetheart. Have you got your gorgeous Sam there to hold your hand whilst I tell you? Ok, well the Doctor’s have told me that I have cancer and that it is terminal, my love. It has spread to my pancreas, ovaries, jaw, skull and breasts. They don’t know how long I have left to live but my instinct is that I have days left, weeks if I am lucky. I’m not sure how long I have to tell you all the things I want to say, so I’m going to tell you whilst I still can.”


My beautiful sister proceeded to tell me how much she admires my life’s work, the person I am and what a great spiritual teacher I have been for her. How, every time I see a sunset, I am to imagine her cuddling me and telling me how much she loves me.


30 Days To Facing Death

It was only 30 days before this that Katie had originally gone to the Doctor about her increasingly bad ‘headaches’. Soon those bad headaches had turned into double vision and crippling pain throughout her body. Now she was calling me to say she wasn’t just ‘sick’ with an unexplained illness, but that she had cancer and was facing the end of her life.

30 days.

30 days, as it was with my special sister Noonie 2 years ago.

Just like that – life can be over.


A Possible Hope

Since then the rollercoaster ride with the Doctors has continued and they have reported that there may be a chance that Katie be saved; she could have a few more years of life to live if treatment is successful. 2 months+ of non-stop, barbaric chemotherapy administered twice daily, sometimes directly via intravenous into her heart. She is fighting for her life.

This is the 3rd time that I have faced the death of a loved one in 2 years. It does not sound like much but I can tell you something, I have learned first hand the vital importance of relishing every single moment you have of this precious life.

Take 2 minutes to read these 5 vital life lessons and open your own eyes before it is too late.


1. Don’t Wait to Start Living the Life of Your Dreams

We always think we have a ‘tomorrow’ or a ‘10 years from now’ in order to do what it is we would love to do. But – we may not.

If you feel inspired to do or to be something, then follow that creative spark and the joy that it makes you feel. Forget all the fear that holds you back and just do it! You won’t regret it on your deathbed, you will only regret what you didn’t do. It is better to have made mistakes along the way and felt the joy of your dreams, than never to have done anything at all. Life is too precious a gift to waste.


2. Let Go of All the Fear and Be Free

We harbour all sorts of rubbish in life: resentment, jealousy, guilt, shame, regret. It is like a heavy sack of negativity that we cart around on a day-to-day basis weighing on our ability to feel light, free and joyful. Similarly, all those limiting, fear-based thoughts that play like a broken record in our minds, only keep us stuck and hold us back from the joyful life we deserve to live. We can’t soar like an eagle when we’re weighed down by bricks.

Make a decision once and for all, to let go of all the negativity that you carry within you. Yes the negative emotion may still arise and that limiting voice of fear may still ring out in your head, but you can choose not to give it power over you any longer. Empower yourself by choosing to think differently about yourself and the life you want to live. Choose to see that you can have a gloriously happy life, that you are an extraordinarily special soul and that you can have it all!


3. Be True to Yourself

As we grow up we learn an extensive rulebook on ‘how one ought to behave and proceed in life’ and learn what is acceptable and what is not. Unfortunately, most of this is absolute nonsense.

There is only one rulebook as far as I am concerned – that is within your own heart. ‘Does this feel good deep in my heart and am I at peace with it’? If you listen to the truth that resides quietly within the centre of your being then you will not go wrong. You always have the perfect answer waiting there.

Who cares what other people think or how ‘normal’ people live their lives? Honour who you are and what makes your heart sing! Your authentic self is waiting to emerge from its cocoon and to spread its beautiful, unique wings in the world.


4. Quit the Materialistic Illusion

The illusion of our materialistic world is that you need to have all the ‘things’ in order to be happy. The newer car, the bigger house, the larger salary. Consumerism convinces you that therein lies the end of the rainbow. But it doesn’t.

Happiness comes from within you; tranquility of heart, creative expression, a sense of freedom, self-love, meaningful relationships, fulfillment of one’s authentic self. None of these can be bought in a shop.

Don’t compromise being your authentic self for anything, no matter how shiny and sparkly all those ‘things’ seem – it is a trap that will not bring you joy. You were born to express who you really are and, in so doing, you will create an abundant life and discover the happiness you seek.


5. Remember to Love

We believe that we are separate from love but we are not. Love is where we come from and who we are. When we fragment ourselves from love, either through expressions of hatred, judgement or unkindness towards ourselves or others, we feel horrendous. It is the disconnection from love that engulfs us in negativity.

The more we feel love in our hearts for ourselves and others, the more aligned we become with all the abundance in the world and the more joy we feel. So, focus every day on love; loving yourself and others, and make it your daily mantra. It is not easy but you can always choose Love; in this choice lies your freedom.


Can You Spare a Second?

Katie is undergoing an extreme cancer treatment procedure and there is a 50% chance that she may not make it. I am asking you please to visualise her getting better and the chemo healing her body. I would be so deeply grateful for any light you can send her way. Thank you so much – I am so blessed to have such a wonderful community here. I love you all.

With love,




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