3 Steps To Live Life Abundantly Now

I can think of no one better than my beautiful sister who departed the earth in 2012 to teach us about how to live abundantly.

My sister had a very special energy about her. A glow of sweet, gentle, unconditional love surrounded her and you could feel it seep into you when you were in her presence. You knew it was safe to be you around her, no matter who you were and she had a gift for making you feel like a truly special person. She always wanted to know who you really were as a soul, and wanted to know what you desired from life deep in your heart.

When my sister entered a room, love entered with her.

She would lift the vibration of energy anywhere she went and, when you were with her, you just knew you were in the presence of an angel.

We called her ‘Noonie’ which is the Zulu word for ‘busy ant’ because she bounced excitedly throughout her day. No matter how simple the activity of the moment, she would be make it an adventurous experience.

She would turn on music that made her happy and dance with joy in her kitchen, just because it made her feel good. She wore multi-coloured bangles that jingle-jangled and brightly coloured clothes that lit up her day, just because she thought it was fun. She celebrated the things that she had, no matter how small, from the wind-chimes in her bedroom to the orchids that blessed the rooms of her home with peace.

Noonie taught me that to live life abundantly you did not need to have it all or be it all.

Abundance was not about having the finest clothes, huge home or big bank account. Nor was it about being the ‘perfect you’ – a supreme being.

Rather she said, abundance was about living abundantly. It was about savouring what you do have and who you already are.

She said, ‘When you walk outside, breathe in the fresh air and smile for another day of living. When you notice your kindness or forgiveness of another, open your arms to yourself and embrace what you have done. When you spend time with someone with whom you are close, be present with the treasure of love that you share and feel complete’.

Noonie made you feel that life was remarkable.

She found a way to celebrate everything and anything.

On a grey, rainy day she would say ‘there is something so peaceful about the greyness of the sky and so refreshing about the rain’.

She did not have a huge amount by material standards:- she lived in a very simple cottage by a river in the countryside, she had a gloriously basic car and she owned nothing of great financial value.

Yet, my sister lived like the richest person I have ever known.

Every morning and every night she thanked the Universe for the blessings of her day and she celebrated her life as if it were a miracle. And her life was a miraculous life – it was filled with all of the things that we all seek. Deep contentment, tranquility of spirit, and abundant love.

Yes, when you were with my Noonie, you felt as though you were living like a king. She lived her life abundantly and life responded to her vibration with exquisite love and joy, which blossomed everywhere she went.

My beautiful sister is no longer here in the physical world, yet her abundance lives on in me and it is living on in you right now as you read this article.

3 Steps To Live Life Abundantly Now

1. The present moment is enough

Your abundance is always found in the present moment- it is not lost in the past or held captive in the future. Living abundantly is about how you feel right now, so connect to your blessings and allow the potent joy in your heart to warm your spirit.

What treasures can you find right now in this moment? What is wonderful about where you are?

Feel the joy in this moment…

2. Who we are is enough

You are perfect exactly as you are and have every right to feel joyful about who you are and your life. No matter how unworthy you think you are, celebrate yourself completely with love. You are a magnificent soul.

What are your special qualities? What gifts do you bring to the world? What blessings have you created in your life?

Feel the love and appreciation for yourself…

3. What we have is enough

No matter how little we may have by material standards, we can still celebrate what we do have. It is often the smallest things that mean the most. True riches do not reside in objects or things outside of ourselves, rather in how we relate to them.

What beautiful things bless your world? What is it about what you have that you love? How does it make you feel?

Experience the gifts that you have in your heart. Feel your abundance.

Delve now into your glorious gratitude of it and be fully present with the joy it brings you.

With love,



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