6 Exercises To Attract Money Now

For those of you that know me, you know that I am going to say that you deserve to be rich. You naturally are an abundant, prosperous person and you were born to be rich.

If you haven’t yet manifested the cash in your life yet then don’t worry. All we need to do is to begin removing the blockages that stand in the way of us receiving all the money that naturally wants to flow to us.

So how do we do that?

Well, I have been listening to the amazing Kate Northrup recently and she sets out 6 amazing exercises to do to attract money now!


1st Exercise – Abundance

The more we focus on what we do have, the more we will attract. The more we focus on what we don’t have, the less we will attract.

  1. Every day count all of the things that you do have in your life.
  2. Feel your gratitude and feel the abundance you already have in your life.
  3. Anytime you notice what you don’t have, let the thought go and replace it by focusing on what you do have.


2nd Exercise – Fear

A major block around money is fear. Begin facing your fear straight on and transforming it into abundance.

  1. Every morning, start your day by checking your bank balance.
  2. If you are in the black, then celebrate that fact! Feel gratitude in your heart.
  3. If you are in your overdraft, then focus on 1 thing that you have financially, even if it is having a roof over your head. Feel gratitude in your heart.


3rd Exercise – Joy

Systems help to provide structure around your new relationship with money. So get clear about what you really value in your life and then spend your money in accordance with those values.

  1. Write down 3 peak emotional experiences in your life e.g. day your first child was born, day you graduated etc.
  2. Write down as many descriptive words about each experience as you can:- who was there, emotions you felt, what happened, what you did.
  3. Then circle the common factors that each experience had:- select 3-5 of the most important ones. These are your values.
  4. Choose to spend your money less on things that don’t matter to you and more on what does.
  5. Notice how much more pleasure you get from your money!
  6. Feel more satisfied by spending less!


4th – Tell The Truth

By not being honest with yourself about your financial situation, all you do is bury your head in the sand. And you waste your precious energy.

  1. Sit down and take a snap shot of your finances:- all the debt, overheads – the lot.
  2. Find someone safe and tell them about your situation.
  3. Get any support you might need.
  4. Know that it is all okay because we can’t get where we want to go unless we know where we are right now.

Clarity is power!


5th Exercise – Value Yourself

By valuing yourself, you allow money to flow to you. By valuing yourself, you realise the truth which is that you deserve money.

  1. Every day notice ways in which you added value to the world.
  2. Every day notice things that you like about yourself.
  3. Notice how much easier this becomes as you practice.
  4. Notice how you end up doing more activities of value for the world.
  5. Notice how more money comes of these new activities you are doing.


6th Exercise – Reward

Set up a bank account that will be your ‘Money For Me’ account.

  1. Anytime you choose not to spend money on something, put the money into your Money For Me Account.
  2. Anytime you negotiate for a fee or a fine to waivered, put the money into your Money For Me Account.
  3. Anytime you get a discount for something, put the money into your Money For Me Account.
  4. Anytime you have an expense that ends, keep putting the money into your Money For Me Account.


When you aren’t spending money, you are saving money!

Abundance is yours.

With love,



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