How To Do Affirmations – The Greatest Tool You Will Ever Learn

In essence, an affirmation is anything that you think or believe. Whenever you consciously choose to think a particular thought, you are in fact ‘doing an affirmation’.


Everything that you think and believe has a direct effect on your life.


So, if you think you are not good enough, then other people will tend to think that about you too.

The good news about this is, by simply changing your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and life, you can create the life that you love.

It is my joy to share the guidelines of how to do affirmations with you, and very importantly how not to!


Taking The First Step

The first step, is to listen carefully to the current thoughts that play repeatedly in your mind on a daily basis. Record all of the thoughts on a notepad.

This is not an easy task, and it may take you some time to identify your thoughts, however it is important that you do this. You need to know what beliefs you hold that are currently impeding the creation of the life that you love.

What negative beliefs do you think regularly?


Working The Magic

Now that you have collated a list of negative beliefs that you hold, it is time to let them go and replace them with new positive beliefs that will make your life flourish.

You take your negative thought and you transform it into its positive counterpart.

Let us look at an example. The belief that “No one ever loves me” transforms into the powerful belief that “I am infinitely loveable and the world adores me”.

It feels good just to read that. Wow.

The most important thing to remember is that your affirmation must focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want, and it must be positive.

In other words, be careful not to affirm “I no longer believe that no one loves me”. This is holding on to the negativity that we want to release.

The focus of your affirmation is that which you wish to cultivate more of in your life.


A Little Word On How To Do Affirmations

When you do an affirmation, you send out an energy to the Universe that attracts more of that energy. So, the lucky individual who uses the affirmation “I am infinitely loveable and the world adores me” is going to be a much loved person.

The Universe only responds to the energy sent out in the present, as it is only concerned with the vibration that you have now. So do your affirmations in the present tense.


A Precious Life-Long Tool

Using affirmations in your life will be the greatest tool you ever wield.

Being aware of your daily dialogue and transforming your thoughts throughout the day will turn the landscape of your life into a sea of flowers and abundant joy.

You can even set aside personal time to do your affirmations. Read more here about how to make this time special and super powerful for you.


Personally, one of my favourite things to do is to pick an affirmation card every so often from the incredible Louise Hay ‘Power Thought Cards’. I find them so beautifully drawn and the words speak so profoundly to me.

I send you infinite positive thoughts to support you on your way to using the powerful tool of affirmations!

I know you can do it.

With all my love,



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