It is widely known that our species originated from the Khoisan people in Africa. The Khoisan, otherwise known as the ‘Bushman’ lived very simply off the desert land of Southern Africa. They lived in mud huts and herded cattle and sheep. When they hunted, they took only what they needed in order to feed the village. 

Lisa Gray
Lisa Gray

They did not understand the concept of ownership – the land that they lived on was simply part of the vast wilderness that provided for them and for all of nature.

The earliest evidence of the Khoisan people’s existence and way of life dates back 80,000 years.

They were a peaceful people, living in complete harmony with the perfect balance of the cycle of life.

Today, the Khoisan are nearly extinct.

Our Disconnection

At some point, our species started to believe that we needed more. We had to conquer, possess and own.

Then we had to own and have more.

And more.

We lost our connection with the earth, with simplicity and with ourselves. We forgot the concept of turning within in order to find our joy and our peace, and we sought it outside of ourselves. Eventually, we believed that happiness was found in possessions and it became a destination for which we had to strive.

It was so that the world began to look very different. As we grew further and further away from our inter-connection with our beautiful earth and our fundamental nature, grave atrocities were committed everywhere. Slavery, murder, judgement, cruelty, hatred, poverty, greed; the list goes on. Thus, our disconnection from our true joy became vaster.

Our Modern World

Now, our civilisation is so heavily built around materialism that we have become owned by our ‘things’. For many, it does not matter that we are destroying our precious earth in order to sustain our lifestyles. Living in cities, remembering our exquisite natural world is out of mind. So caught up in our daily lives, we forget as soon as we have remembered.

The worst price that we pay for it all though, is that the destruction of our earth is pointless. We are all seeking joy, contentment and inner peace, yet it cannot be found in the place we are seeking it:- materialism. We think if we have a better job, and therefore salary, we will be able to afford all the ‘things’ that will make us happy. The big house, the swish car, the luxury holiday. Many of us work in jobs we hate in order to afford these things.

But when we get the car, the house, the holiday, we find that it doesn’t make us happy long-term. So then we need a nicer, bigger, better one. So on it goes.

Going Back To Our Roots

What we all seek is not found outside of ourselves. It is found within. By re-connecting with our fundamental nature, we become one with our joy and peace within. Our beautiful earth and her natural wonders reflect this inner state of being and that is why it is so important that we protect her.

Nishanth Jois
Nishanth Jois

It is by remembering the way of our ancestors that we re-connect with the simplicity of life. We realise that we never really own anything here; we are just passing through. Our existence here is to live our true joy and authenticity, and very importantly, in harmony with all things.

For we and all living things inter-connect in a harmonious web of life and we play an important part in keeping that balance.

Yes, the world has moved on and the answer may not be to return to living as ‘Bushmen’, but I believe that there is a way for us to live a connected life. We can choose to be free of the materialism that blinds us and turn inwards for what we seek.

And I believe that we can choose to make a difference in the world, whether that is saving our planet, educating or inspiring. Whatever it looks like, there is change that needs to take place in the world and you can make an important contribution; YOU matter.

“I believe that this is the moment when the human species can rise to its full potential. We have now created for ourselves the greatest challenge we have ever faced.  And that means that we have the opportunity to live the most meaningful lives that have ever been lived.” David Ulansey

What change do you want to be in the world?

With love,


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  1. This is very passionate and inspiring, Jess. I’ve long felt that maybe this separation was a necessary step for our race, in the process of its growth – a sort of great experiment for human consciousness as it stretched out – but for a long time now we have been learning, through pain and isolation and alienation and so many of the other natural consequences of this “experiment”, that those deeper connections – within ourselves, to each other and to every part of nature – are so crucial. And also that it is within our power to forge those connections anew. Blessings!

    1. I think you are right Seth – it has been a huge experiment of human consciousness and now it is time for us to turn within and re-connect. Thank you so much for sharing.

      Infinite love to you

  2. Jess, once again you get to the heart of the matter in a beautiful and impassioned way. I am in the process of reconnecting, of silencing my need for more things, and living the way Jesus taught us to live. We moved WAY out of the city (by necessity) and I can honestly say it was the best move I’ve ever made! We are learning how to live in pragmatic ways, taking care of what we have instead of buying more, and learning to live off the land in a sustainable way. It has opened our eyes about our food sources, and has dramatically altered what and where we buy our food. I hope I am able to pass these lessons to others.

    1. Kristina, thank you for your gorgeous words. It makes me so joyful to hear that you are happier and are re-connecting more out in the countryside. It is amazing what slowly starts to happen when we become closer to nature:- like a snowball effect of beautiful, enriching transformations entering our lives. Keep your beautiful heart open and enjoy the process.

      With love

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