Why I Quit My $100,000+ Job For My Dream Life

When I graduated from the highly regarded University of St Andrews with flying colours, I did what everybody did: - I got a respectable job.

I managed a Communications team for an international company for a couple of years, but soon found myself unsatisfied and went in search of something more fulfilling. I didn’t yet have a clue what my passion was (or shall I say, I did not want to acknowledge it yet) so I entered the highly competitive world of Investment Banking in London.

My working life was fast paced, highly competitive and cut-throat. That whole world was leagues away from the values that are most important to me in life. But at that time, I didn’t think like that – I was not yet ready to recognise that fact.

To match my adrenaline junkie work life, I had the big salary. And I spent every penny and more. I had the flash apartment in the city, I dined at the finest restaurants and I ordered champagne at the swishest clubs. I bought elegant clothes and went on luxurious holidays.


A Life Less Meaning

It seemed like a ball. My mind told me that I should be happy.

But I wasn’t.

Every morning I woke up with dread for my working day ahead. I lived in a state of constant stress and I occupied my time with unfulfilling relationships.

When I look back now, I see that I had all the material ‘things’ but the truth is that I was selling my joy for them. Therefore I could never truly en-joy them.

A series of horrific events took place in my life in 2012 in order to bring about the transformation that delivered me to my new life. You can read about them here, if you like.


Accepting My Dream Life

When my world came crashing down, I realised just how short life is. And how precious it is. I began asking myself what it is that I truly value in my life. What were the things that mattered most to me? I answered:-

  • My family and the people that I really love.
  • Laughter.
  • Freedom to work where I want, when I want.
  • To wake up in the morning excited for my day.
  • To follow my passion and help others follow their joy.
  • To live my life without fear.
  • Love.
  • To have real relationships with people.
  • To live abundantly.
  • Travel.
  • To honour who I really am.

When the penny finally dropped for me, I chose never to sacrifice living my life in accordance with those values for anything, even another big salary.


A Life Of True Riches

I have little now by ‘material’ standards. I live in a very simple home in the countryside near my family whom I cherish.

I go for walks in the stunning landscapes here for free instead of dining in fine restaurants.

I cuddle up by the fire at night with my book for free instead of glamorous clubbing.

I honour the money that I have now and only spend it on things that I know I truly value.

Most importantly I do what I love. I coach people to discover their passion and support them to make their life joyfully abundant. I write a blog to inspire people to live their authenticity. And doing what I know I was meant to do makes me feel alive in a way I have never felt before.

I feel as though I am finally honouring myself and who I was born to be.

I may not be earning $100,000 plus big bonuses anymore, but I feel richer now than I ever did.

I have time for myself. I have time to meditate, eat healthily and exercise every day. I choose my working hours. I feel deeply peaceful about my life. I get excited about my day. I celebrate my freedom. I feel authentic.


Found Within

My simple, humble life is in fact filled with those things that I truly value.

I have realised that all that I need to feel happy, whole and complete is already within me.

It is not within the external, material world. It is in honouring myself, my passion and my joy.

And, because I feel the abundance in my celebration of a simple, valuable life, I am beginning to attract financial abundance too. It’s starting to happen for me and it is growing daily.

Each day I keep following my passion and I keep trusting. I am walking, talking proof that following your joy is not a faraway dream.

If it is happening for me, then it can happen for you. It is there, just waiting, for you too.


So what do you need to let go of in order to begin living your dream life?

With love,



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