Do you want to boost your immune system, lose weight or revitalise your unhappy body? Then juicing may be the thing for you.

So what is juicing? Essentially, juicing is the process of extracting the juice from raw fruit and vegetables, pouring the delicious goodness into a glass with ice and giving your body the gift it so badly needs.

And the results are mind blowing for your health. Check out my Top 10 Health Benefits Of Juicing:-

1. Nutrients

95% of all the vitamins and enzymes that our body needs come from the juice of raw fruit and vegetables. Imagine, the nutritional equivalent of eating 2 lbs of carrots, 10-12 apples, and 8 lbs of spinach all in one glass of 16 oz juice?

2. A Hard Earned Break For The Body

All of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream when you drink a juice. As it takes less energy to digest liquids than solids, your digestive system is given a well-deserved break.

3. Mental Alertness & Happiness

Breville USA
Breville USA

Juicing improves the blood circulation, transporting oxygen to the whole body and to the brain, keeping you on the ball and buzzing.

By giving your body what it really wants and needs you make it so much happier. And when your body is happier, you feel lighter, brighter and you bounce through your day!

4. Dramatic Weight Loss

Jason Vale (otherwise known as the Juice Master) offers a lose 7lbs in 7 days program which is superb. He more than keeps his weight loss promise; I have just lost 7lbs in 7 days doing his aforementioned detox and feel incredible! What’s more, I shall maintain my now healthy weight by incorporating a juice per day into my diet.

5. Non Fruit & Veg Lovers

If you don’t like fruit and veg, juicing is a perfect way to get your 6-8 servings per day. By juicing the right recipe of fruit and veg together, you will find that the fruit/veg that you don’t like whole is actually yummy in a juice.

6. Detox

As juices are generally alkaline in nature, they draw out acids in the body and these toxins are released via the elimination channels of the body i.e. kidneys, skin, the lungs etc.

7. Disease Preventative

Breville USA
Breville USA

Nutrients absorbed from juicing help protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and various inflammatory diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis.

Juicing can also help to raise the pH level in our bodies, preventing against certain conditions such as heart and kidney disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes which have been shown to be associated with acidic imbalance in the body.

8. Immune System Boost

You know all those immune boosting vitamins contained within fruit and veggies that we are supposed to eat lots of every day? Well in juicing you can pack them all in to one glass of scrumptious juice in their most potent form; raw.  Good bye cold and flu.

9. Energiser

How could it not with all those phenomenal nutrients bursting to give you the explosion of energy you haven’t felt in so long (if ever!)? Seriously guys, be prepared to need a lot less sleep.

10. Transforms Outlook On Food

Stiftelsen Elektronikkbransjen
Stiftelsen Elektronikkbransjen

When you juice, you notice a dramatic all-round improvement in your health and well-being.

If you keep up the juicing practice, your desire for those foods that are not really good for your body dwindles and some craving completely disappear.

You begin to view naughty food in a whole new way!

Want To Try It?

I would recommend that you get the following:-

Jason Vale 7lbs in 7 days – get this if you want to lose weight and/or detox. It provides in depth info on why you should juice, what it entails, juicing plan for the 7 day detox and more.

Juice Master 100 Recipes – get this if you just want a light intro and to try a juice or two.

A Good Juicer – don’t scrimp on this. I have this one and I swear by going for quality every time.

A Blender – in case you don’t already have one.

And even if you don’t want to do an intensive detox, you can incorporate juicing into life by having one 3 times a week. I promise you will feel the difference!

Love your amazing body.

With love,


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  1. Juicing is my favorite way to get vegetables. I’m usually pretty good about getting my fruits, but veggies are another story. It’s actually pretty easy. I just juice up some veggies and drink it all down. Maybe I’ll throw something else into it to spice it up, but often I’ll just drink the juice down as is. For some reason, it makes it easier to handle vegetables. Otherwise I might not get in all the veggies I need in a day.

    1. I love that you juice too Steve! Once you start juicing you never want to stop. You are so right – it is the easiest way to get all your veggies in for the day 🙂


  2. Juicing is definitely one of the easiest way to consume enough vege / fruits daily.

    My girlfriend hates carrots and has never noticed I had them mixed in with her juices every morning! So at least now she can have a much balanced diet without skipping things like cucumbers and carrots which comes with a lot of nutrients and vitamin c!

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