Write Yourself A Letter Of Affirmation

A letter of affirmation is quite simply a “letter written to an individual with the intention either to express encouragement or appreciation”.


Now, I can think of no person more deserving of one of those letters, than you.


So much of the time, we give our attention to supporting and praising others. We reassure them when they’re in need and rally around to provide words of comfort and cuddles. We revitalize them when they need a boost and we surround them in our sunshine of adoration.

Ahh, if only there was someone like that there for you all the time.

And there is.



Give yourself a special gift, by writing your very own letter of affirmation to yourself, filled with kindness, love and complete acceptance.


Your Magical Letter Of Affirmation

Write about how special you are.

Write about those things that you have achieved, no matter how big or small the world may think they are.

Write about how you love spending time with yourself, doing your favourite past times. Get to know what those past times are and have a think about when you can next do them.

Write about all those naughty habits you just love about yourself.

Write about all those qualities in you, all those special things you do, that people don’t always notice.

Write what you celebrate about yourself.

Write all those things that you know, you really need to hear right now. And allow yourself to be nourished by those words.


It does not matter, how long or short this letter is. You can come back to it at a later time if you wish. You can even write many letters of affirmation to yourself.

Whatever you write, whenever you write it, is perfect. And so are you.

With all my love,



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