The short answer to the question ‘do affirmations work’ is quite simply, yes.

A few years ago, I found myself in the darkest doldrums of despair after yet another break up. No matter what I did, I just could not hold down a relationship.

Every romance would begin with those intense fireworks of passion and promises of never-ending love. We would skip together in fields of rose-tinted blissful happiness, and plan our perfect lives together.

That is until the 3-6 month marker.

And then ‘pop’!

Then my inner demons would begin to sabotage every relaxing Sunday stroll and every innocent conversation. I pushed, and pushed, and pushed every romantic relationship I had until that person no longer loved me.

You see, I did not love myself very much at that time.

For me, being alone was dark, cold and desolate. I needed other people’s love but could not believe it when they did actually love me. So I pushed them away.

The leaves began to turn golden

I went to live with my beautiful sister, who introduced me to the first book that changed my life, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ written by Louise Hay.

Something profound happened when I read that book. The air changed and I felt as though I was breathing for the first time.

The affirmation miracle…

I began to use the affirmations that I desperately needed, and my body and heart responded to the words. It was as if I was cracked, dried up soil, finally feeling the pitter patter of rain falling, soaking deep into my roots and nourishing me.

I slowly began to feel love for myself and my affirmations became a joy to write, speak and hear.

I fell in love with myself and it was a truly enlightened experience. One that I really encourage everyone to have themselves.

And now that time has passed…

I will admit that, since then, I have had other heart breaks. But each time I did, I did not feel as afraid of being on my own. I knew I had myself, and what a person that was to have by my side for hugs and comforting tea!

Now, I have integrated affirmations into my every day routine, using them in all aspects of my life, and the success is marked. So, do affirmations work? Powerfully so.

Amongst many triumphs, I have had a deeply harmonious, joyful relationship with my partner for 2 years, I have started my own business, and most importantly, I am now my own best friend.

Thanks to the power of affirmations.

If you would like understand more about affirmations and how they can work for you, read here. I would be so happy to help you discover this tremendous gift!

With all my love,


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  1. I am exactly like this and have been dating for more than 6 months and the non stop stream of thoughts keep coming that he’s not right for me or he doesn’t love me. I’ve been trying to relax so at least I don’t drive him crazy but I’m always looking for signs. I want to know how things will pan out, I want to know if he wants a long term relationship and I’m swing between highs and lows. It’s exhausting!

    1. Come to your centre and breathe. Focus on you. Connect with who you are and what you want. Then it will all become clear – your inner wisdom will speak to you and it always knows best. Sending you much love and healing light, Jess

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