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How To Find Your Passion (Plus The 30 Question Passion Quiz)

The daunting quest of how to find your passion is one that most of us embark on, yet we can feel almost lost in its shadow.

Everyone talks about it.

The promised land. The life you wake up to that genuinely ignites the flame within and provides a deep sense of authentic fulfillment. The work that really means something to you.

Not knowing the secret formula that delivers us to these shores of paradise can make us feel overwhelmed, confused and alone.

But I don’t believe it has to be so complicated. Nor do I believe that it has to necessarily be hard. In fact, finding your passion can be incredibly easy (and enjoyable) once you know how.

See, I believe that we all hold the secret to our passion and purpose within ourselves. It all comes back to de-cluttering our minds of lots of learned junk that keeps us lost and opening ourselves up to the spark within us that is waiting to break free.

Watch my video Why You Cant Find Your Passion (And What To Do About It) below to start radically changing the whole way you approach finding your passion and the number 1 way to begin revealing it to yourself.


Then, have a go at the below 30 questions to begin triggering some key passion indicators within yourself.

Remember, no matter what emotions arise (fear, judgement, regret etc), be as honest with yourself as you can be.

Most importantly, have fun answering the questions and do not hold back!

Once you have completed the questions, leave them awhile. Come back to them with fresh, objective eyes and observe any correlations in your answers. What themes do you notice?

1. What are your 3 favourite topics to discuss? What could you talk about for hours on end?

2. When you connect with your heart, what things in life really make you feel free?

3. 5 people who love and know you best tell you that you would be amazing at doing X, Y or Z for a living. Name X, Y and Z.

4. What are your talents? What naturally flows for you without you even having to try?

5. 5 people that inspire you most in the world stand before you. Who are they and what is it about them that sparks something within you?

6. If you were to wake up tomorrow feeling truly free and happily excited about your working day ahead, what job would you be off to do?

7. You inherit $300 million, how would it change your life? What would you do with your days?

8. You are totally ‘in your element’ and time seems to have disappeared. What are you doing?

9. What difference do you want to make in the world? What legacy would you like to leave behind?

10.  A genie has granted you the wish that whichever career you choose will not fail. Which do you choose?

11. It is your birthday and somebody buys you an annual magazine subscription. Which type would you love it to be?

12. What fundamental beliefs do you feel truly passionate about? Which jobs would encompass them?

13. Intrinsically, do you feel as though you were actually born to do a particular thing?

14. If you could blindly believe that you would make money from your creativity, what would you do?

15. When you are dead and gone, what would you like people to say about the way you lived your life?

16. What areas of life are you naturally drawn to?

17. What do people ask you for information/advice about? Which areas are you deemed to be a little fountain of knowledge?

18. What careers do you have wild dreams of having?

19. If you were to pioneer a cause around the world, and it was guaranteed to be a success, what would it be?

20. What do you love to do when you have free time and what is it that gives you that real buzz of excitement?

21. What topics interest you and what would you really love to know lots more about?

22. If someone were to pay all of your living costs and expenses for 2 years, what work would you pursue in that time?

23. When you were a child, what did you always dream of doing when you got older? What do they symbolise?

24. If you were to change 3 things in the world for the greater good, what would they be?

25. What is it that you would regret not doing with your life, if you were to die tomorrow?

26. You love helping people with these 3 different things. What are they?

27. Richard Branson (or another seriously successful entrepreneur) teaches you over 3 years how to make money from 1 area of your choice, all for free. What do you choose?

28. What piece of knowledge do you feel as though you would love to share with the world?

29. The person that loves you most in the whole world asks you what you need to be doing with your life in order to be really happy. How do you respond?

30. If you had 5 years left to live, what would you do?

What’s next

Listen to this incredibly powerful near 8hr track while you sleep and these I AM affirmations will reprogram your subconscious mind, allowing your true self to be revealed to you and enabling the realisation of your soul’s contract in this lifetime (as well as huge wealth by doing so).

It’s time to unlock the genius within you!

With love,


68 thoughts on “How To Find Your Passion (Plus The 30 Question Passion Quiz)

  1. Steve

    These are great questions. I think it’s such a great approach you’re taking here. Considering that passion has to come from within, it really takes some soul searching and honesty to really figure out what drives you. Personally speaking, it took a long time to really figure out what I wanted to do in life. I thought I knew, but it turned out to be some dead ends. And that happens, right? You think one thing and it turns out to be another. Oh well, live and learn.

    1. Jess Post author

      Thanks Steve! You are so right – finding your passion is a journey that you never stop embarking on. It’s all about having a great time along the way, having fun and embracing every new avenue. So long as your heart says yes, that is the way to go. Even when you come up against those dead ends, it’s just another time to return to your heart for direction.

      With love

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  3. Doris

    This meant a lot to me.i was surprised was able to answer so many questions on some set of interest I have.thank u so much.

    1. Jess Post author

      This is amazing to hear Doris! I so hope that it has helped you to find that fire of joy burning within 🙂 Keep on enjoying the journey!

      With much love

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  5. Nick

    I have a presentation in class on Friday, with the topic something that you are passionate about. I still don’t know what I’m going to talk about, but I really enjoyed the deep thought that was brought about from your questions. I think I need to be less lazy, and make something out of myself. Thank you so very much, friend.

    1. Jess Post author

      Hi Nick! I am so excited that this article helped you. I am sure you are not lazy 😉 There is no ‘1 path’ for anyone, so enjoy the journey of discovery and keep following your joy!

  6. Ahmed Elhebishi

    what if i don’t have something to search for? what if i can’t find something that i love so much to be my passion? i liked what you say in your video but i couldn’t apply that in the real world!! i tried a test about how to find your passion and passion type was “supporter” what is that even mean 😀 .. “i’m sorry for being negative person”

    1. Jess Post author

      Hi Ahmed! Don’t apologise! It is ok to be where you are and to feel how you feel. Try not to overthink this. Go back to the basics – start with the general notion of things that do bring you joy. What are they? Then start doing more of those things and your job/career will fall into place from there. Follow your heart and take action 🙂 With love, Jess

  7. Alden

    8. You are totally ‘in your element’ and time seems to have disappeared. What are you doing?

    Traveling in time
    Having sex with that heavenly girl next door

  8. Alden

    9. What difference do you want to make in the world? What legacy would you like to leave behind?

    End aging, so I could live forever

  9. Eric Klee

    I am searching for my current passion at age 52. I am successful by many standards and have been in the same industry for more than 30 years. It is both frustrating and depressing to realize how few of these questions I can answer. It’s as though I have no identifiable interests that go beyond what I have been doing, yet I feel I should be doing more. Is it common for intelligent, professional people to come up short on answers to these questions?
    I will persevere in my quest to discover what would really quench my thirst for something more.

    Hunting for Passion
    Tampa, Fl

    1. Jess Post author

      Hi Tampa, I think what happens as we get older is that we gradually get further away from the child in us and that abundant sense of wonder, imagination and adventure. It’s almost as if we get streamlined by society’s way of thinking and we lose some of our ability to think and feel freely.

      Perhaps try connecting again with the child in you and see how you get on? Be adventurous, use your imagination be inquisitive about life again! Let me know how you get on 😉 With love, Jess

      1. Luis

        Tampa is not a name =O… It’s the name of a city in Florida!

        Thanks for the post, by the way, it really helped!

    2. Veronica

      I feel the same way. Getting older, not sure WHAT I should be doing, although I feel I am doing good in the world. Maybe we just need to be more self aware. I agree with finding the wonder again, I feel awesome when I am learning and connecting with the wonders we know and don’t know.

      1. Jess Post author

        Keep connecting with the wonder Veronica and let me know where the path takes you!

        Sending you love and light,

  10. Angele

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The last couple of days have been hell for me, quitting my job due to pressure and at age 42 still not able to find the job that I jump out of bed for, thoroughly thinking through these questions got me all fired up and excited again! I just need guidance in making a living out of my passion

    1. Jess Post author

      This is amazing Angele! Aren’t quizzes fun? They get me fired up! It is just great reflection time and a channel to connect with who we really are inside. The perfect career is waiting for you 🙂 Sending you love and huge luck! xxx

  11. Rich

    Hi Jess,

    These are great questions. However, I’m with Tampa. I personally feel like I am unable to appropriately answer most of these questions. I feel like I have embarked on my personal hero’s journey without a destination, skills, guidance etc. I think what makes it difficult for me is that I get motivated by ideas. I love to read about, think about, and talk about ideas. These ideas are sociological, philosophical, metaphysical, or about “real world” global change. I identify with those that have left behind “success”, embraced alternative ways to live life, embraced adventure, live with little materials, spew the conventional etc. I feel as though I am really made for the next world (like post-apocalypse). So I have no idea what to actually do with any of these things! I lack the interest or skills in the practical knowledge or skills that make the ideas useful.

    1. Jess Post author

      Hi Rich, thanks for your awesome comment. You sound like such an interesting person: forward-thinking, evolved, intelligent and creative. Sometimes when you are an ‘ideas’ person, it can be hard to find and stick to a path. Have you thought about collaborating with someone on a project you feel passionate about? When we work with others, ideas can be manifested more quickly and powerfully… Good luck! Jess x

  12. Brigitte

    Excellent article. Excellent questions. It plunges the reader (me) into a deep personal reflection. I will be sharing.

  13. deki

    Hi Jess. thanks for the great article, and i love how you speak it (i could understand it though im not that good in english).
    i have a question, i dont seem to have any talent, and tend to get bored. but for one thing, i like observing people. did you have any idea to get understand what your self is and what your talent ..
    thanks in advance
    regards, some one who lost in though

    1. Jess Post author

      Hi Deki thanks for your words. I think that you do have talent… What are you not seeing? You have a talent, a passion and a reason to be alive. When you begin to look inwards, stilling the chatter of the mind, you will meet with your true self and all will gradually be revealed to you in Divine timing… With love, Jess

  14. Martin Zanolin

    Hey Jess,

    Thanks for the great post. As a designer and creative person I often come to a point when I am not really sure about my work and when I am questioning the purpuse of what I am doing.
    That is why I just started this ‘challenge’ of finding my true passion and this hopefully helps me with that. I also started a blog to document all my steps, actions, achievments and failures.
    It would be great if you’d comment on my posts. I am very interested in your thoughts about what I am going through during this ‘challenge’.
    I am sure I will enjoy your 30 questions a lot and hope that they lead me to my goal of finding happiness and passion.

    Best, Martin

    1. Jess Post author

      Martin – you are doing absolutely brilliantly and I’m so proud of the progress you’ve made! Keep on following your heart. With love, Jess

  15. Vanessa Kelly

    Hi Jess
    Thanks for these wonderful questions they really helped me pin down my passions. And though they are different, one being helping people and the other helping wildlife. I figure I can do both, one earning me money and the other using that money to help fund organisations that work with saving our wonderful animals and their habitat.
    Thank you and love always

  16. Kertar Singh

    Hi Jess
    I normally don’t leave any comment but I think you have done a great job. after reading you 30 questions I think
    I’m getting closer to my passion. I have just print it out and I’m going to answer it few more time when I’m more

    Thank You
    From Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

    1. Jess Post author

      This is the best news Kertar! Don’t give up the search – it is a journey. You just need to take your first step! Joy is yours!

      With love

  17. Paul Matthews

    Thank you Jess for your Input in my life,
    It has made me realize that my passion about Life is ongoing and changing and learning to follow my heart more often.
    The questions made me really think and reflect about why I am doing the things I do, rather than follow my inner guide and have more trust and faith.
    Thank you Paul

  18. Mathieu

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve been on the path of self discovery and self growth for a couple of years now but still struggles with the question of “what is my passion”. The way you formulated these questions really helped me to clarify what passions are recurrent and where my mind create those dead ends.

    I see better where to go and even if I’m afraid to take upcycling as my career path, I see that is where my passion lies.

    Some questions also made me cry, helping me to really see the importance I put in deepening my relationship to my son.

    Once again, thank you for providing food for thoughts and sharing your knowledge!

  19. Janet

    Hi Jess,
    Excellent thoughts, m’dear!
    The same three came up for me with each question- very affirming!
    Many thanks for your sweetness and insight!
    Sending love,

  20. Kin

    hELLO jESS

    The questions I i COULD Answer helped immensely. However in spite of all I have heard about how everyone has a talent or skill , mine are a mystery. In my first 40 years I managed to get through college with almost straight A’s all the while I was a serious substance abuser so that was all I did. Doing well on college exams is not in my book a real talent. I can write concisely and communicate verbally better than most. That is probably the extent of my skills. I can listen with an open mind and remain fairly open minded but this is part of communicating.

    Thanks for the work and help you have presented here as I am sure it has benefited well as myself. This question I have asked you about seems very important an as such I am asking for assistance. Thanks

    I did not clean up my act until I was 43 and I have no skills to speak of. I can drive a car, I volunteered as a suicide hotline operator while in college, and I can drive a fork lift. Other than this I am bankrupt in the skills area.

    I am also bipolar which I did not realize until after I finished volunteering at the hotline so that is not really something I should do. My addictions have kept me to myself for many years and no one really knows me well enough to know my skills. Any ideas on where to go with this question?

  21. Robert

    I think this list was absolutely spot on!! I’ve been working in a job I don’t like for years. I have tried businesses on my own that I thought I would like and I found out I didn’t. I even made good money doing them. I’ve listened to many of the best authors and speakers from Tony Robbins (which I love) and his mentor Jim Rohn (I highly recommend). I went through all these questions and thought about them deeply. Writing your answers down helps immensely. I now know what I’m gonna do. Great job and thank you very much!!!

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  23. Daniel

    Hello Jess
    I just watched your clip and must say I think you’re absolutely Lovely! You have a very calming way about you and what I see a warm and happy heart. I’m personally stuck at a bit of a crossroads in life seeking to enjoy life and pursue something meaningful and purposeful. It is difficult trying to break beyond the clutter and follow my heart as it’s been wounded a few times and then the system of society applies a pressure of sorts to simply remain compliant and slot into line in the cue of social acceptance. Anyway…..
    Thank you for sharing your clip and the thirty questions. I felt your voice as though you were speaking directly into my heart and soul! You indeed have a gift! Love certainly resides within you and when you speak, it pours out! Certainly the ability to speak Love and life into peoples hearts is your gift!

    Take care.

  24. as

    I cant answer all the questions. I dont know what should I do, very long ago. I ask myself, what I like, what should I do in to make me happy, what the reason I am being alive, but I don’t know. Someone that very close to me, said, I can do many thing, I know many thing, but I cant become something. I envy with people, with my age, know what they really should do. I? I dont know what I should do… I am not happy. I dont know what my reason to life.. I am feeling down, hopeless and I feel like I am lost…

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  26. LastAra

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  27. Cindz

    This really validated what im actually passionate about.. sumhow im already on d right track i think its about time to follow my heart and live d life that id be happy to look back when i am old.. tnxs much

  28. Jenny

    Hello Jess, my passions are music and English literature but I would greatly like to help people. I want to make a mark in the world with the help of my ideas. But I can’t find an ideal job.

  29. Pradeep

    Hi jess
    You have posted brilliant questions, but i was not able to answer all of them, is it necessary to answer all of them?

  30. Adedamola Coker

    Hi Jess,
    I love all the questions but I seem to have an answer to just one. I wished to be an Accountant as a child but I ended up in sciences and boom! B.Sc Geology but I still cannot find my passion. I’m currently jobless and in need of a passionate ginger. Help!

    AD, Nigeria

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  32. Jon

    But what if you have no answers to these questions? I mean that seriously, I am not trying to be contrarian. Here are my answers:

    1. I don’t have three favorite topics that I could discuss for hours on end. In fact there isn’t anything I could discuss for hours on end. I am mildly interested in politics, but not enough to maintain interest for hours.
    2. I have never connected with my heart or felt free.
    3. Lol. There are not five people who love and know me well. No one has ever told me I was good at anything.
    4. I don’t have any particular talents. I have never experienced “flow.”
    5. No one inspires me.
    6. If I woke up feeling truly free and happily excited I would NOT be going to a job.
    7. I would live a life of leisure. Travel, see shows, drive fancy cars, etc.
    8. I have never felt totally in my element, nor have I ever had the experience of time disappearing.
    9. I am not interested in making a difference in the world or leaving a legacy.
    10. Pop star.
    11. I honestly cannot think of one. Time, I suppose.
    12. I don’t feel passionately about any fundamental beliefs.
    13. Not really.
    14. Become a pop star. But only if I could blindly believe. In real life I have no musical talent or ability.
    15. I don’t care what people say about me after I’m dead.
    16. None. That’s the problem.
    17. I am asked advice related to my profession, but I am not particularly interested in my profession.
    18. None. My wild dreams involve being a wealthy dilettante.
    19. I’m not interested in pioneering a cause.
    20. I don’t love to do anything. Nothing gives me a buzz of excitement.
    21. I have no strong interest in any topic. There is nothing I want to learn more about.
    22. If my living costs and expenses were paid I would not work.
    23. When I was a child I didn’t dream of doing anything. I dreamed of being rich, but not how to get there.
    24. I am not interested in changing the world. It’s not that I don’t want the world to be a better place; it’s just that I am not interested in being the one to do it.
    25. I regret that I exist. Dying tomorrow would be a relief.
    26. I don’t love helping people.
    27. Investing in the stock market.
    28. I am not interested in sharing knowledge with the world.
    29. There is no one who loves me. I would have no answer to that question.
    30. Wait five years and then die.

    What do you do if the questions don’t even apply?

  33. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much Jess! I really needed something as awesome and as original as this! While most success books teach you something, they get really mechanical when it comes to passion, as if what doesn’t make money is not a good passion or it’s wrong to be a scattershot and have multiple passions, or some other logical examples and that really bothered me! But I really appreciate you and this website <3:) Thank you for helping me find my path! All the best 🙂

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  35. Agnete Thomsen

    Thanks. These questions really bring home the message, far more than any other “what is your passion” typical quiz. My only problem is that what it marks out is such a “big” thing, that it scares me. I basically want “to change the world”. I want to make public policy and strategic planning with relations to climate change adjustment and community resilience. And it frightens me. My experience doesn’t really justify that sort of ambition. But it’s what I have always on some level wanted to do.
    At least it now forces me to chunk it down to the first step I can take on that ladder.

  36. Samuel

    thanks for this great post, It is very constructive and also catches attention. I have tried to answer the questions but they’re leading me to various direction which I found very difficult to comprehend based on the areas I am exposed to. 1. I have HND in Environmental Health Technology, 2. barbing skills, 3. have political ambition and can also drive. please I need your advice because presently I don’t know what to settled with cos I wished to become a Minister(that is the big picture i holds in mind politically). Am still contemplating on what’s I will find satisfaction.
    I will be much grateful for your advice .


    1. Jess Post author

      Hi Jes, I wouldn’t get caught up on answering every single question. Sometimes with this, it only takes 1 question for a shift to happen and for you to start realising your passion. Focus on listening to your intuition…

      With love

  37. Jason

    This was excellent. It took me about two hours but worth it, 6 pages. All the answers were revealing but #30 was the most surprising. I answered it honestly and was surprised at what I wrote. However, then I changed the question to 100 years and answered it again, two completely different answers. This left me a little confused. I think the “last hurrah” was at play when I thought about 5 years so it involved a lot more careless plans and ideas. Had I known I would live longer I would not take part in over half the careless things I mentioned. Maybe the first answer was living a life without fear and the second was living a life in such a way that you will make it safely to death 🙂 A middle ground approach might be best, but who knows?

  38. Dee

    Struggling to answer the questions. I am turning 60 and I am unemployed. I have had zero luck in getting a job. I would like to have my own busines….passion. Feel lost, anxious, and discouraged.

  39. Emilie

    Thank you so much Jessica! I think that these questions are literally going to change my life. I just realized that I need to do, what I love, if I ever want to feel like my self again. Thank you for making me see things much clearer!

  40. Wes Scott

    it’s not very often I am this impressed by others comments. What you are conveying here is powerful and yet very simple. How did you get so smart? Nice work doc!

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  42. Ors

    Dear Jess,
    I really like the questions but I found myself not being able to answer most of them. I tried to enjoy myself but I found myself to be “serious” the whole time. I guess what made me a bit sad or worried is that I couldn’t answer so many of the questions, which tells me I have so much to learn about myself, which is exciting but in the same time it saddens me because I am 27 and still no ideea what to do with my life. I always tried out new stuff but I am not sure I did it with heart or at least I wasn’t able to fully experience them since I was not loving myself enough, and my anxieties took over my life quite early.
    Anyways, thank you for your article.

    1. Jess Post author

      Hi Ors, I know exactly what you mean because I was there (and at a similar age to you now). If you seek this, I promise you will find it. A book I recommend is called ‘Finding Your Element’ by Ken Robinson. Also, I have a ‘Find Your Purpose’ track which I am releasing as part of my ‘Reprogram Your Mind While You Sleep’ series soon. It will be out in the next 2-4 weeks. Listen to it while you sleep and then watch as insights come to you during the day… You will find your passion! Sending you love, Jess x


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