The 5 Minute Life Test (You Didn’t Know You Had to Do)

When I wrote my last post, there was a 50% chance that my next article would be to deliver devastating news; that my beautiful sister Katie had lost her fight against cancer.

But that is not the blog post that I have to write today. Rather, I have a jubilant piece of news to share with you, my very special community.

Katie has been triumphant. The Doctor’s last scan has reported that the tumors in her bones and organs have almost completely disappeared and that the chemotherapy has worked. Katie still has another week of therapy in hospital, however the outcome is one we have already begun rejoicing.

So many of you have been incredibly supportive of my family and I through this and I want you to know how much that has meant to us. You have sent prayers, visualisations and healing our way and I truly believe that it has made a huge difference. Thank you.


My Sister’s Wisdom

During this tremendously difficult time, Katie and I have had some deeply meaningful conversations about life and death which have been very precious to me. In fact, we will be writing a book together in order to share some very powerful wisdom Katie received in the weeks that she came so close to death. We look forward to sharing that with you when Katie has recovered and is ready for us to start the book.

For now I can only say how proud I am of my sister and how brave she has been in her brutal fight against, what they believed to be, terminal cancer. Mostly, I am in awe of how she had the strength to see her cancer as an opportunity to learn a major life lesson and transform her life into the joyful, peaceful existence that she deserves. She has already begun making the practical changes to support the new way of life she wants for herself and her family. Remarkable.

It is not easy for us to see the hardships we face in life as gifts that are sent to teach us something, but there is always a diamond in the rough if we have the wisdom to look for it. The Universe always supports us and gives us what is in the interest of our greatest good and greatest joy.


The 5 Minute Life Test

I don’t want you to wait for something horrendous to happen in your life for you to make the changes that will deliver you to the joyful life you deserve to live.

The following life test is an incredibly powerful catalyst for change. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to shake up your beliefs and start making some shifts happen towards the life you really want NOW. And it need only take 5 minutes to make that change.

1. In an ideal world, what would your life be like in 10 years time? If nothing stood in your way, how would the following areas look:-
  • Friendships & relationships with family
  • Financial situation
  • Career
  • Romantic life
  • Health
  • Relationship with yourself
2. Why do you believe (if applicable) that this is not possible for you?
3. Are you willing to believe something different?
4. If so, are you ready to take a leap of faith, begin believing that you can and trust that the Universe will deliver your dreams (or what is actually best for you)?


I Know From Personal Experience

What I know is this; whatever you believe will be the truth for you and will create a corresponding reality.

If you believe that none of your dreams can come true, then they won’t. If you are at least willing to trust that they may come true, then they probably will and if you believe blindly that you can have what you want, then you almost certainly will.

Before my life transformed after the deaths of my father and sister in 2012, I believed life had to be hard. That one could never earn money doing what they loved for a living and that they had to compromise on so much of their happiness to be financially secure. 2 years later, I have my dream job and I save more money now than I ever did before on 3 times my current salary.

What changed?

The bottom line is that I changed my beliefs. I no longer wanted to believe that life had to be a misery and I jumped off the cliff of my fears and trusted that the Universe would catch me. And it did. I can tell you the practical steps I took to make that happen but the truth is that they are irrelevant. They only arose because I was willing to look for the step and then have the faith to take it.


So tell me, are you ready to BELIEVE YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL?

With love




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