Success Affirmations for Entrepreneurs (While You Sleep)

Entrepreneur Success Wealth Creation
8hrs of affirmations for entrepreneurs to bring you mega success and wealth!

Listen to this track while you sleep and allow these entrepreneur success affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind – so that you create a business of passion and purpose which generates huge money and fulfilment in your life.

It’s time to awaken the WILDLY SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR within you!

With love,
Jess ❤️️


You are connecting now with the successful entrepreneur within you. 

You are now ready to become who you were born to be. 

You are ready to become wildly successful. 

You are ready to build the business of your dreams. 

You are ready to become hugely wealthy. 

You are ready to express who you really are. 

You are ready to do the work that is in alignment with your soul’s contract here in this lifetime. 

You are ready to be happy. 

You are ready and you are accepting this new reality NOW. 

You are waking up every morning with excitement for another day of working on your own amazing business. 

You are going to sleep every night with fulfillment and joy in your heart for another day of working on something you truly love. 

You are taking care of your body so that you can enjoy vibrant energy, positivity and focus in your working day. 

You are going to work because you are passionate about doing it. 

You are providing a service or product within your business that adds value to the world. 

You are offering a service that is in alignment with your soul’s passion and purpose.  

You are generating massive wealth. 

You are enjoying your connections with colleagues, clients, contractors and customers. 

You are loving being creative. 

You are loving expressing yourself. 

You are loving thinking smart.

You are loving taking action.

You are loving making money. 

You are loving adding value. 

You are loving improving. 

You are loving problem-solving. 

You are loving being resourceful. 

You are loving overcoming challenges. 

You are loving discovering more of yourself and your talents. 

You are loving making mutually advantageous relationships with others. 

You are loving being your own boss. 

You are loving having the freedom to choose your working hours and from where you work. 

You are loving growing and developing as a business person and soul. 

You are loving the incredibly rewarding journey of entrepreneurship. 

You are open and receptive to the powerful vibration of massive success and prosperity. 

You deserve to be successful. 

You deserve to be happy. 

You are worthy of the freedom entrepreneurship provides. 

You are worthy of the wealth entrepreneurship provides. 

You are worthy of a fantastic life. 

You are worthy of joy. 

You are worthy. 

You are seeing the abundance all around you and you are partaking in this abundance. 

You are seeing opportunities for wealth-generating businesses everywhere. 

You are courageously pursuing these opportunities and you are succeeding. 

You are aware that you already ARE enough to pursue and succeed at your business. 

You are aware that you already HAVE enough to pursue and succeed at your business.

You are aware of how talented you are. 

You are aware of your potential. 

You are aware that everything you need to help you on your entrepreneurial journey will come to you. 

You are aware that you are supported. 

You are aware that you are guided. 

You are aware that abundance, joy and prosperity are yours for the taking. 

You are a gifted entrepreneur. 

You are so successful. 

You are believing in yourself. 

You are proud of who you are and what you are achieving.  

You are driven. 

You are in the flow. 

You are passionate. 

You are focused and smart with your time. 

You are clear headed and brilliant at prioritising what is important.

You are strong. 

You are capable. 

You are unafraid of making mistakes, for you know that you learn from them and get better and better.

You are at peace with your imperfections, for you know that you don’t need to be perfect to succeed. 

You are resilient and resourceful. 

You are confident. 

You are positive. 

You are visionary. 

You are inspired. 

You are innovative. 

You are helping. 

You are serving. 

You are taking action. 

You are setting goals and achieving them. 

You are laser-focused on work when you need to be. 

You are giving yourself time to rest and recharge. 

You are balanced. 

You are facing the work you need to do head on so that you achieve your goals. 

You are productive.  

You are efficient. 

You are courageous. 

You are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, learning and growing as a businessperson. 

You are tenaciously increasing your capacity for success. 

You are brave.

You are taking calculated risk. 

You are seeing money-making business opportunities everywhere. 

You are bold. 

You are wise. 

You are challenging yourself. 

You are encouraging yourself. 

You are praising yourself. 

You are believing in yourself. 

You are being kind to yourself.

You are supporting yourself.

You are loving yourself.

You are aligned with the vibration of success and abundance in everything you do. 

You are glowing.

You are a magnet for success. 

You are laughing and having fun. 

You are in your element. 

You are happy. 

You are fearless. 

You are emitting an energy of huge success, positivity and abundance – and thus more and more of this is drawn to you. 

Other successful people are drawn to you. 

Wealth-generating business opportunities are drawn to you. 

Exciting opportunities to add more value and do more of what you love come to you. 

You are a powerful creator.

You are aware of your ability to create tremendous wealth and success in your life – and you do!

You are receiving multiple streams of income into your life. 

You are rich from many sources of passive income. 

You are a phenomenal wealth entrepreneur. 

You are loving how entrepreneurship really does offer you unlimited prosperity. 

You are enjoying all your wealth and are generous with your money. 

You are deserving of your mega wealth. 

You are worthy of your riches. 

The wealthier you become, the more you serve and help others. You know that the more you give, the more you receive. 

You are a superb businessperson. 

You are a natural at creating wealth from nothing. 

You are passionate about generating huge prosperity by doing what you really love. 

You are in alignment with Source in all your actions as an entrepreneur. 

You are happy AND successful. 

You are your authentic self AND successful. 

You are true to yourself AND successful. 

You are rich AND you are YOU. 

You are grateful. 

You are aware that you are blessed for the life of abundance you live. 

Thank you. 

Thank you for your courage. 

Thank you for your self-belief.

Thank you for the excitement of creating your business and growing it. 

Thank you for your service to others. 

Thank you for all the income-generating business opportunities given to you. 

Thank you for your passive income. 

Thank you for your support and guidance. 

Thank you for the gifts of good fortune along the way of your entrepreneurial journey. 

Thank you for the abundance you create in every area of your life. 

Thank you for your ability to receive all your good. 

Thank you for your purpose and passion. 

Thank you for the joy you feel on a daily basis. 

Thank you for your freedom. 

Thank you for your sense of fulfillment. 

Thank you for your success. 

Thank you for your massive wealth. 

Thank you for your life of meaning. 

Thank you.


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