Reprogram Your Mind – Fertility Affirmations (While You Sleep)

Reprogram Your Mind - Fertility Affirmations (While You Sleep)
8hrs of fertility affirmations to ignite your natural fertility and ability to get pregnant with EASE AND JOY!

Part of the ‘Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep)’ series, these affirmations for fertility will remove ALL BLOCKAGES that stood in the way of you getting pregnant – enhancing your TOTAL, NATURAL fertility and allowing you to get pregnant naturally with EASE AND JOY.

Listen to these affirmations for conceiving a baby DAILY. By listening regularly, you will really boost fertility and allow the baby that is waiting for you to come into your life!

Available in both the ‘You Are’ and ‘I Am’ versions 😉

With love,

Jess ❤️


I am loving myself no matter what.

I am fertile.

I am accepting the gift of life within myself.

I am releasing.

I am releasing all that may have held my fertility back NOW.

I am released and I am free.

I am allowing.

I am allowing myself to be very fertile now.

I am allowing myself to get pregnant.

I am allowing myself to have a baby.

I am allowing myself to be a parent.

I am allowing my happiness.

I am allowing my fulfillment.

I am worthy.

I am worthy of being fertile.

I am worthy of getting pregnant.

I am worthy of being a parent.

I am worthy of my happiness.

I am worthy of my fulfillment.

I am trusting my body.

My body is super fertile.

I am allowing new beginnings in my life.

My body is designed to conceive.

I am pregnant.

My baby is conceived in love.

I am creating life.

I am in alignment with life force energy.

I am an important part of creation.

I am a vessel for new life.

My womb is a loving environment for creating new life.

I am conceiving easily.

My reproductive organs work in perfect harmony with my body to allow an easy conception.

My hormones are perfectly balanced.

My eggs are healthy and happy.

My body knows how to conceive a healthy baby.

The most perfect egg is being released by my ovary and the most perfect sperm is fertilising it.

My pregnancy test is positive.

I am now choosing positive thoughts that nurture and support life.

I am ready to be a mother.

I am a natural mother.

I am now a loving parent to myself.

I am a loving parent to my new baby.

I am becoming more and more confident in my ability to become a mother.

I am allowing the perfection of life to unfold through me.

I am a bearer of beautiful life.

I am incredibly fertile.

I am safe and I am loved.

It is safe for me to be pregnant.

It is safe for me to be a parent.

My body was made to nurture a baby.

I am the best parent for my baby.

I am a wonderful parent.

I am choosing a healthy lifestyle that enhances my fertility.

I am drinking plenty of water every day.

I am choosing healthy foods every day.

I am exercising in positive ways.

I am taking natural vitamins and minerals which increase my fertility.

I am surrendering.

I am surrendering to the process as I get pregnant.

I am allowing myself to get pregnant at the perfect time.

I am trusting that I get pregnant in accordance with divine right timing.

I am surrendering to the power of nature.

I am allowing my highest good and greatest joy to unfold for me.

I am welcoming a child in my life.

I am celebrating my amazing fertility.

I am enjoying my successful pregnancy.

I am connected to the miracle of life.

I am now manifesting a baby.

My body knows how to create and nurture a baby.

Having a baby comes easily to me.

I am loving how fertile I am.

I am loving the process of getting pregnant.

I am loving being pregnant with my new baby.

I am open to new life entering my life.

I am surrounding myself and my new baby with total love.

I am at peace.

I am happy.

I am flowing with life.

I am blessed with a child.

I am grateful.

Thank you.

Thank you for my incredible fertility.

Thank you for my successful pregnancy.

Thank you for my creation of life.

Thank you for my healthy new baby.

Thank you for my happiness.

Thank you for my fulfilment.

Thank you for my blessing of a child.

Thank you.


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