With a sea of different books out there, which one do you pick that will help you change your life?

Here are a few of my selected favourite books that change your life, and a brief reason why I think they will light the spark that your life needs for its very own firework display, waiting to set the world alight!

Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life

This is the mother of all transformation books and I refer to it almost every day of my life.

If you are willing to do the work to heal your life, digging deep down into those subconscious beliefs that are restricting you, then this book will be the ultimate gift you could give yourself. It plants a seed of something truly powerful within you, and if you apply the techniques taught by Louise Hay and nourish them, you will find yourself and your life in a garden of blossoming joy.

No matter how desperate a state you find yourself in, how negative you find your world, nor how painful your past, it really can be released, transformed and you can live the joyful life you deserve. Read here to find out more.

‘It is only a thought, and a thought can be changed’

Louise Hay

Osho –  Love, Freedom and Aloneness

Would like to love yourself more? Or have you ever experienced heart break from the end of a relationship? If so, this book will hit just the right spot in your heart and speak some truths to you.

Understanding the fundamental difference between self-love and the love that we think we need from others is clearly laid out for you in this book. If you can grasp this concept, your relationship with others and the relationship you have with yourself will be shifted and transformed for the better. Read here to find out more.

‘Love yourself, love immensely, and in that very love your pride, your ego and all that nonsense, will disappear. And when it has disappeared your love will start reaching to other people. And it will not be a relationship but a sharing.’


Dr Darren Weissman – The Power Of Infinite Love and Gratitude

Are you looking for a way to heal the illness manifesting in your body? How tolerant are you of your aches, pains and illnesses? How kind are you to yourself when you aren’t the perfect, superhuman you would like to be?

The power of Infinite Love and Gratitude is the sigh of relief that you have badly needed and will change the attitude you have towards yourself and illness within the body. Sickness is your body’s way of communicating that something needs to be changed, and through applying the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude to your body’s communication, the illness can be healed. Read here to find out more.

‘Symptoms are a gift. Pain is a gift. They’re the body’s way of saying that it’s time to heal whatever emotions you’ve internalised, denied or disconnected from.’

Dr D Weissman

Esther Hicks – The Law Of Attraction

Sometimes it can feel as though we are fighting against life, wrestling upstream against the river. It is exhausting, unproductive and can make us feel physically ill.

How would it feel just to let go and float downstream? How would it feel to allow all that we are striving for to come to us easily, effortlessly and for our lives to be filled with all the abundance that we desire?

The Law of Attraction really teaches that what we believe, what we think and what we feel in every moment creates our reality. Like attracts like, so by thinking, believing and feeling in a positive way, we attract all that is positive. Begin your vibrational shift by reading this book that will change your life forever. Read here to find out more.

‘We are all Vibrational Beings. You’re like a receiving mechanism that when you set your tuner to the station, you’re going to hear what’s playing. Whatever you are focused upon is the way you set your tuner, and when you focus there for as little as 17 seconds, you activate that vibration within you.’

Abraham – Esther Hicks

Dr Robert Holden – Follow Your Joy

Are you on a quest to change your life? Are you in search of happiness? Is this mission like the hard-core hiker’s trek to find the end of the rainbow?

Well if so, then this book will change your life by telling you to pack in the hiking boots because happiness is not something that you find, but rather happiness is something that you choose. In amongst his sharp British humour and his claims that coffee is the Holy Spirit incarnate, Dr Robert Holden shares the art of following your joy, and what a profoundly powerful art that it is. Read here to find out more.

‘The fear that something is missing in you is what leads you to search somewhere else for happiness. And the three ego mirages of “more,” “next,” and “there” will keep you searching until you give up this fear.’

Dr Robert Holden

Watch this space as I discover, read and interpret for myself more books that shift my life and that can change your life for the better too!

With all my love