Childhood Trauma Healing – Soul Healing (While You Sleep)

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8hrs of childhood trauma healing affirmations to heal completely, forgive and to live a happy life free of the past.

Part of the ‘Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep)’ series, these trauma healing affirmations will reintegrate all parts of your soul which were fragmented during child abuse or childhood trauma, PROFOUNDLY healing you and making you whole again once more.

Not only will this track heal you and all childhood trauma ENTIRELY, but it will give you the gift of forgiveness so that you can be free of old wounds and go on to live a truly ABUNDANT, HAPPY LIFE.

With love,

Jess ❤️


I am present now.

I am safe.

I am in this present moment in my entirety and it is completely safe to be here.

I am aware that deep healing is about to take place within me.

It is safe for me to heal.

It is safe for me to acknowledge all places in me that are in need of healing.

It is safe for me to be present with these places within me and for me to receive all the healing I need.

It is safe for me to believe that I can heal entirely.

I remain fully in the present moment as I heal the past.

As I heal the past, I integrate all disowned or lost parts of myself and become ‘whole’.

I am safe in this healing process.

I am supported and completely taken care of by the all-loving, all powerful energy of the Universe.

I am willing to heal now.

I am ready to heal now.

Healing is beginning now.

Now – I am becoming aware of places in me that are in need of healing.

I am present with these places within me.

I am holding a space of light as I connect with these places.

As I connect with these places within me, I am strong, grounded and secure.

I am loving, nurturing and warm.

I am kind, gentle and compassionate.

I am calm, collected and balanced.

I am wise, intuitive and patient.

As I ground myself firmly in these qualities as the adult that I am, I create more and more of a space for my inner child to reveal themself.

My inner child is feeling safe and protected in my presence.

They are feeling welcome.

They are feeling loved.

They are feeling taken care of.

They are feeling secure.

They are feeling nurtured.

They are feeling seen.

They are feeling heard.

They are feeling supported.

They are feeling wanted.

They are feeling worthy.

They are feeling special.

They are feeling significant.

They are feeling that they are enough.

They are feeling that they can be who they are.

They are feeling that they matter.

They are feeling important.

They are feeling precious.

They are feeling valuable.

They are feeling treasured.

They are feeling safe.

They are feeling protected.

I am connecting with my inner child now in a profound way as they allow me to see them fully.

They are sharing how they feel with me.

They are opening up to me.

They are allowing me in.

They are telling me their story.

I am hearing them.

I am holding a safe, secure, loving space for them as they share.

I am listening to their feelings deeply.

I am being exactly what they need.

I am being the parent they need.

I am being the adult they need.

I am loving them.

I am holding them.

I am looking after them.

I am protecting them.

I am nurturing them.

I am supporting them.

I am calming them.

I am reassuring them.

I am being strong for them.

I am being secure for them.

I am being solid for them.

I am being wise for them.

I am being intuitive for them.

I am being intelligent for them.

I am loving them unconditionally.

I am praising them.

I am encouraging them.

I am adoring them.

I am treasuring them.

I am treating them with care and respect.

I am treating them as the divine gift they are.

I am honouring and respecting the God within them.

I am fully aware of what my inner child needs and I am giving it to them.

I am held in divine light and guidance as I do this.

I am aligned and channelling the healing energy of the Universe.

Profound healing is taking place.

Divine light is surrounding me and my inner child.

This divine light is filling all places within me that are need of healing.

The all powerful energy of the Universe is working miracles in my healing.

Me and my inner child are feeling this miraculous healing in my entire being.

I am merging.

I am becoming whole.

I am reintegrating all lost or disowned parts of me.

I am reclaiming every part of me.

I am forging into my entirety.

Me and my inner child are becoming one.

I am unified in divine love.

I love myself.

I am there for myself.

I give myself what I need.

I take care of myself.

I respect myself.

I honour myself.

I care for myself.

I support myself.

I guide myself.

I am committed to myself.

I am committed to always being there for myself.

I am committed to always being the parent that I need.

I am committed to always taking care of I inner child.

I am committed to myself.

I am truly loving myself.

I am one.

I am perfect.

I am whole.

I am complete.

As I feel this sense of wholeness in my entire being, I take a moment to be thankful for my healing.

I am grateful.

I am ready to release the past.

I am releasing the past now.

I am forgiving.

I am forgiving those who have wronged me.

I am forgiving them.

I am releasing the pain.

I am releasing the resentment.

I am releasing the anger.

I am releasing the hatred.

I am releasing the trauma.

I am releasing the fear.

I am releasing the anxiety.

I am releasing the blockages.

I am releasing the bitterness.

I am releasing the need for revenge.

I am releasing the envy.

I am releasing the contempt.

I am releasing the grief.

I am releasing the sadness.

I am releasing the alienation.

I am releasing the loneliness.

I am releasing all that which has held me back.

I am releasing and I am letting go.

I am releasing all last traces of toxicity from my past now.

I am clearing my energy system of all toxicity.

My energy system is now entirely cleared.

I am rebalanced.

I am restored

I am rejuvenated.

I am free.

I am filling up now with new, vibrant lifeforce energy.

I am revitalised.

I am renewed.

I am now able to step forward into a new life.

I am stepping into this new life now.

I am living in joy.

I am living in peace.

I am living in harmony.

I am living in love – love of myself, others and the world.

I am living in wholeness.

I am living in abundance.

I am living in prosperity.

I am living in perfect health.

I am living in complete connection with Source.

I am living a life I truly love.

Thank you.

Thank you for this divine experience.

Thank you for my beautiful soul.

Thank you for every part of my being.

Thank you for my oneness.

Thank you for my journey.

Thank you for my magical life.

Thank you for ‘me’.

Thank you.


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