So we know that the benefits of meditation are mind-blowing and that it is amazing for us. So why don’t we do it?

Perhaps we have never got round to trying it (if not, check out my video Learn How To Meditate In Less Than 4 Minutes). Or perhaps life has taken over and we have fallen out of the habit of incorporating it into our daily lives.

Either way, we can all be supported to get some meditation action thriving in the life we love, so see below for my 7 Best Meditation Apps (most of which are free).

1. Room to Breathe Meditation

Kashirin Nickolai
Kashirin Nickolai

If you are new to meditation, sometimes find it challenging or just want to enjoy a meditation dedicated to the art of a simple breathing technique, then this is the app for you.

The guided meditation is simple, extremely relaxing and even has the option of background music.

Free. Available on iPad, iPhone and Android.

2. Buddhify

This amazing app, aimed at city dwellers, really helps you to invite mindfulness into your everyday life in a practical way. So if you want to incorporate meditation into every aspect of your busy day then this will hit the spot for you.

Whether you are walking, waking up, can’t sleep, exercising, traveling and more, there is a guided meditation for it. And if you want some ‘solo’ meditation without guidance they provide a timer for that too.

Beautifully designed, with meditation tips, statistics and ratings to plot your usage and personal benefits from using the app, this is perfect for those ‘on the go’.

£1.49 Available on iPad, iPhone.

3. Calm

Keoni Cabral
Keoni Cabral

Calm takes you on a 7 step journey into the simplicity of meditation, practicing a different element of the art of meditation in each step. You can choose from a beautiful variety of backgrounds including a beach, lake, pouring rain, meadow and lots more.

This app also offers another meditation ‘Calm’, which you can choose to last 2-20 minutes, taking you back to a stiller, calmer place. Simple yet phenomenally relaxing – I LOVE this one!

Free. Available on iPad, iPhone.

4. Mental Workout

Created by the critically acclaimed psychotherapist and author of Meditation For Dummies, Stephan Bodian, offers various different 8-week programs:– Freedom From Stress, Your Thinner Self, Social Success and more.

All programs are based on guided mindfulness meditations and informative talks given by experts in the field.

The Free version provides limited features whilst you can purchase the full version for £1.49. Available for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

5. Headspace


Developed by a former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe, who has returned to the UK after 10 years with one mission:- to demystify meditation for the masses.

An easy to use, graphically fun and clear app which takes you on a 10 day meditation course with Andy. Comes with buzzers to remind you to practise!

This app takes the prize for me, personally.

Free for the 10 day course. Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

6. Simply Being

Choose between 5, 10, 15, 20 minute guided meditations, with or without music. A beautiful, relaxing voice and the option to hear the sound of nature if you prefer.

£0.69 Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

7. Smiling Mind


A guided meditation app for children and young people (also caters for adults too) focusing on helping them bring balance and contentment to their lives.

Used by child therapists and parents alike, this is a spot of good stuff you don’t want any young person you know missing out on.

A not-for-profit initiative, this app is Free. Available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

And if you haven’t already, feel free to check out my Guided Meditation On Love And Loving You.

So Get Involved

My biggest tip is, whatever meditation app/s you choose, move it to the home screen of your device. We all need reminders and what is before our eyes is less easy forget!

Happy meditating!

With love,


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  1. Thanks so much Jess,
    Really love this helpful list. I can’t wait to try out ‘Smiling Mind’ with my children! Love.

    1. Big hugs and love beautiful Bobby x

  2. Hi Jess,

    Thank you for the interesting subject. I really enjoyed the blog.

    Great Read and Motivation. Sometimes we all need a determination to get through the challenges life throws our way.

    Marc Saint-Ange

    1. Thanks Marc!

      With love,

  3. I didn’t know about any of these so I find them quite fascinating. These are all such great ideas. I know sometimes I’m not in a meditating mood or I have a hard time getting started. Some of these could be good for me – I’m definitely going to check them out.

    1. Thats great Steve – so happy that they may make a difference to you! Enjoy them 🙂

      With love,

  4. Hi Jess. Great article, thank for you putting that together! You also might want to check out It is used by Loic Le Meur, Joi Ito (Director MIT Media Lab) and thousands of others. We have a solid 5 star rating and some of our users say it’s the best meditation app they have ever used. It’s a beautiful timer, tracker and community. Would love to hear what you think of our app. We have no marketing budget, so we totally rely on word-of-mouth. Take care, Remo (Disclosure: I’m the Co-Founder of the app)

  5. Hi Jess!

    Thanks for putting this list together!

    I would add PINE to this list as well. PINE is a simple mobile app that helps people check-in with themselves daily. PINE is part mindfulness, part journalling, all with a focus on being well.

    Would love to get your thoughts on the app! PINE is available for the iPhone. Android will be shipping in early January 2015.

    Renjie Butalid

    1. Hi Renjie

      Thanks for the recommendation. I have had a look at the app and I like the idea of it; journaling mindfulness. The apps I have listed on my post however are specifically to aid meditation practise. That does not take away from Pine – it is a good journaling tool.

      Thanks and keep up the inspiring work!

  6. Hello! I came across your site while searching for meditation apps, and I’m glad I did! I’m feeling really stuck in life at the moment, so I’m looking forward to reading all your useful information and ideas. 🙂

    1. Thanks Amy! It is great to have you here with us at Live The Life You Love. You are a little star – you will shine brightly 🙂

      Contact me if you need anysupport, otherwise happy ready and lots of love.


  7. Great article. I use Zenify mobile app to keep myself mindful. It’s a new app that trains mindfulness and self-awareness through alerts with short meditative assignments (available both for iOS and Android)

    1. Thanks for that – I will be sure to check it out.

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