A very powerful mindfulness practice, gong bath meditation involves the therapeutic sound of gongs and/or singing bowls and symbols – all of which combine to create a deeply calming symphony of sound. Renowned for its ability to quieten mental chatter and take you into deep states of consciousness with far more ease, gong meditation is ideal for those seeking peace and a reconnection with the stillness inherent in their core.

Known also as a ‘gong bath’, gong meditation music is often described by those who have experienced it as a “therapeutic bath of sound”, clearing the relentless mental noise that overwhelms our daily lives (thereby allowing the quiet and stillness found in the present moment). Originating from Asia, this ancient healing sound bath technique produces a beautiful feeling of well-being by radiating a powerful vibration of peace into the body’s water (80% of our body is made of water).

So How Do I Do Gong Meditation?

Now becoming increasingly popular, gong bath classes are now often held as part of standard yoga and meditation schedules, bringing groups of people together to lie down on mats, and simply allow the sound therapy to do its healing work.  Gong meditations work just as well in the privacy of your own home – just find a quiet spot, lie down with a blanket (your body’s temperature can drop a little) and rest your head back on a comfortable pillow.

This gong meditation music on YouTube is incredibly powerful and perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.


How Does Gong Bath Sound Therapy Work?

Gong meditation works by ‘entraining’ one’s brainwaves to the desired frequency of healing and peace i.e. the continuous theta sounds and gong symbols synchronise your brain to the calming gong sound waves, quietening your thoughts effortlessly and allowing healing to take place on a deeper level.

The gong sound vibrations send signals throughout the body and emotional energy system which align the cells and energy vibration with that of the peaceful gong sounds. This rebalances the whole energy system with one of harmony and health.

Benefits of Gong Meditation

Now used in some clinics, hospitals and hospices, gong healing sound therapy has been shown to relieve pain, depression and anxiety (and has even been used in the healing of cancer patients). On a day-to-day basis, gong therapy is used by individuals to manage their stress levels, sleep better and simply to enjoy a feeling of well-being.

Many energy or Reiki healers use gong bath music in their practices, stating that it is a powerful healer of imbalanced energy in the body and remover of emotional blockages or trauma. Gong bath healer Dr. Michelle Hebert explains, “It’s a cleansing process for the subconscious mind.”

Gong Bath Gong Meditation Music Quote


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