My latest guided meditation has now launched on YouTube – free for all to enjoy. If you are suffering with stress, this meditation will help you reduce or eliminate the anxiety entirely. 🧘

Please let me know how you find the meditation in the video’s comments.


This guided anxiety meditation will help you to trust yourself and the world, eradicating all anxiety and supporting you on your path to creating a life of fulfilment and peace.

Perfect for those just beginning meditation, this anxiety hypnosis will help you to reduce and eliminate anxiety entirely, reminding you that you are the power in your world and nothing and no one has power over you. This guided meditation for stress will show you that you are divinely protected, supported and guided and you can realign with this truth at any time. You are part of a rhythm and flow of life which is unfolding perfectly for your highest good and greatest joy.

May this anxiety meditation be exactly what you need at this time, enabling powerful change in your life for the better.

With love ❤️

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  1. Awesome mediation. Very soothing.

    1. Thank you Sheila!

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