You may be disappointed to hear that you will never find the answer to the BIG what do I want question. It isn’t a mysterious treasure chest, hidden obscurely away in a super confusing maze.

For years I drove myself crazy searching for what it is that I really wanted from my life. I banged my head against a wall on a daily basis, haunted by a quest for something that I just could never find.

I am going to save you a lot of time, and a lot of inner turmoil by telling you the truth once and for all.

The knowledge of what you want is already within you.

You already know what you want in your heart.

Well If That’s True Why Don’t I Know What I Want

You don’t consciously know yet because you are blocking the realisation from coming to the surface of your mind.

All of us, from the moment that we were born have been soaking up our environment and forming beliefs about the world. Some of those beliefs are limiting and tell us that there are restrictions on the possibilities and opportunities that the world has to offer.

So when we try to think about what we want, all we are faced with is…silence after the beep.

The answer in our heart is being blocked by our restricting beliefs that will not allow the idea to come to the conscious mind.

So How Do I Realise My Answer

The key question to ask yourself is this:-

‘If you could have anything that you wanted from life, and nothing was standing in your way, what would it be?’

Something magical happens when we ask this question. For a moment, we entertain a world in which we can actually have what we want.

And the amazing thing is that, we have consciously created an idea in which we have something we want. It becomes real, in some way. It is no longer hidden away in our subconscious, caged by our limiting beliefs.

Once we have this in our conscious mind, miracles can start to happen.

by MiiiSH
by MiiiSH

Be open to the possibility that you can have what you want. Allow your mind to search for ways to make it happen.

Like a trusty dog, take it off the lead, let it go and watch it dash around every corner of the field in search of its prize bone! Good boy!

Your Genius Mind

Our minds are like genies in lamps. Once an idea is present in the mind, the mind begins to find ways to justify that idea.

Even if what we want seems so unobtainable and we don’t know how we will ever make it possible, don’t worry, because your mind will find a way. I promise you.

It will find a side alley that you never knew existed to get you from A to B, faster than you could have hoped.

You just have to trust yourself.

Negative Beliefs May Want the Limelight Again

Some of our negative beliefs are strongly programed in our minds. Some have been around for years. So they may try and sabotage your new little idea of what you want.

But you have something powerful on your side. You know that your negative beliefs are going to come up and knowledge is power.

Next time they come up, see them like small animations on a TV screen playing out their usual rubbish that is not true and does not serve you. Get up, laugh at it all, and turn the TV off.

You may have to do this a lot, but don’t worry because that is normal. You have something to do it all for – something worth it. You have the idea of what you do want to keep you going.

You Really Deserve What You Want From Life

For so long, I worked in jobs that I hated. I dreaded going to work and despaired when thinking that I would be a slave to my unhappiness at work until aged 65.

I went from one job to another trying to find something that would spark the light inside of me. I was very low and I didn’t have a clue what I really wanted.

Eventually I got ME and in my recovery process I realised that I had actually made myself ill so that I could see the truth deep in my heart. I finally acknowledged that all I wanted to do was what I loved:- to help and inspire people to live happy lives.

I was terrified and all of my negative beliefs arose about how I could never do that, that I wasn’t good enough, that dreams didn’t come true for people like me.

I didn’t know how I was goingFootsteps desert to do what I loved, but I hung on to my idea and I wouldn’t let go. And my mind showed me what a genius it is. It found ways that I had never thought possible to make my dreams a reality.

I trusted myself, and here I am sitting a year later writing the Live The Life You Love blog. I’m not saying I’m there yet, but I am going to keep on trusting myself and my mind to find a way. The point is that I am doing it, I am taking one step at a time and manifesting my dreams.

You are just like me. You really can realise what you want and you can make your dreams a reality. Most importantly, that is what you deserve.

With all my love,


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  1. I enjoyed reading about your journey, Jess. It is similar to what I have gone through. Limiting beliefs can sure create self-sabotage! The best way is to silent our thinking mind and allow our heart’s desires to let us know what it is that we truly want.

    I love your question: ‘If you could have anything that you wanted from life, and nothing was standing in your way, what would it be?’

    My favourite question to others is, ‘‘If you could have anything that you wanted from life, and money is not a consideration, what would it be?’

    1. Thanks for dropping by Evelyn! It is wonderful to connect with you 🙂

      I just asked myself your question and I got very excited by all the answers! Bring on the abundance!

      With love,

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