Sometimes, there are things that happen in life that hurt us or make us feel angry. If we don’t know how to take care of these emotions they can intensify and the hurt or anger can multiply and spread.

I always think of it quite simply like this: – if you take a snowball to the top of a hill and allow it to roll all of the way down, it will pick up speed and more snow, becoming a bigger and bigger snowball, until a huge boulder of snow crashes at the bottom.

Hence the ‘art of releasing emotions’ and knowing how to care for the snowballs in our life.

The Art Of Releasing Emotions

This is something that I do whenever I feel that there is a snowball in my life, eager to roll all the way down the hill! It is my joy to share this special practice with you. Don’t ask me quite how it works but it is like magic, I promise you.

My Magical Practice

Write down on a sheet of paper, the way that you are feeling. Allow yourself free-reign to write uncensored all of your thoughts and feelings. Don’t hold anything back.

This part of the process is quite simply about you expressing your anger or hurt in full. Don’t stop writing until you feel as though you have covered the whole ground. This part of the process is for me, incredibly important. Here, we are listening completely to your pain or anger, and we are truly honouring it. Don’t judge whatever you have to say, allow the full force to come out and be.

Take a moment and breathe.

Now write at the end “I now hand this over to the Universe for healing. I have compassion, I forgive and I love more, and the Universe shows me how”.

What I love about writing this at the end is that you are connecting to your source and asking your friend for help. You are setting the intention and the Universe will take care of the rest. You have been willing, and that is all that the Universe needs to make it come true for you.

You don’t need to know how the situation will be healed, you just have to trust that it will be. Don’t worry about trying to figure it out with your mind; you can really trust the Universe to sort it out for you.

For me, what is so special about this is that sometimes, we don’t feel like we can handle the emotion or situation by ourselves. We almost feel like a child that wants our mummy or daddy to fix it and make it all better. And the wonderful thing is that the Universe really CAN do that for you. All it asks is for the intention to be set. And that is what you have done here.

So now, fold up your paper and go outside.

Breathe in the fresh air.

Now burn the paper and send it to the Universe. Watch the paper burn and transform into smoke.

Release it all.


                                   And trust…

With love,