A Guest Post by Amy at www.Littlemindseeds.com

Growing up in my family, money was a great cause of sadness and difficulty. Some of the first memories I have were arguments about money.

Before the age of seven, your brain is a little sponge that absorbs just about anything. Because you haven’t got any experience yet, your filters haven’t kicked in. You just accept everything you see and hear as truth.

I learned:-

Money makes you sad.
We don’t have enough.
Without money, we wont be okay.
Money makes people fall out.
Money is a major deal and if you don’t have it, then you are bad, less and unworthy.

Of course, none of these are true. As I grew up I learned new beliefs. But that five year old me, held on to those beliefs tight, until they filtered into all I did.

How I Changed My Limiting Belief

“You come from no money, therefore you are less, not worthy and you don’t deserve anything else.”

LittlemindseedsThese were some of the resounding limiting beliefs I held deep down, until I started working through them using Neuro Linguistic Programming. The hardest part is often just realising you still hold those beliefs, once you identify them you can set them free.

“Money goes to money”. I love that saying, because there is something to be learned from it. When you have grown up with money, you might hold the belief that it simply flows in and out of your life easily.

After all, you have nothing else to believe about it. If you grow up where the lack of money is detrimental to the physical and mental health of those around you, you might hold on to it and burrow it away. Spending it may hurt and the cashier may literally have to prize the money from your finger tips.

The latter way of thinking is only going to stop the flow of natural abundance in your life. This mentality doesn’t help you or anyone else around you. Don’t put money on a pedestal, it’s important to let yourself believe it will easily flow in and out of your life and that abundance is all around you in every way.

Natural Abundance Is For You Too

You can meditate on abundance. Whilst in a relaxed state, feel the feeling of having everything you need and all that you need is coming to you.

A mantra for you:-

“I have everything I need, and all that I need is coming to me.”

People can feel that they cannot give or help another, because they don’t feel they have enough themselves. How disempowering.

In order to feel grateful and thankful we have to recognise all we do have, recognise the basics we have, which are in fact, the most important: Our health, our family, our friends, a roof over our heads and a bed to sleep in.

What I Am Doing Now

Lately, I found myself caught up in the “I don’t have enough money cycle”. This way of thinking leads to the feeling of not having ‘enough’ in life, when that just isn’t true.

401(K) 2013
401(K) 2013

In order to combat this, I am going to actively look for ways I can give to another this Christmas. Obviously, this time of year is all about buying gifts and treating those you love, but I am looking outside of that.

In order to rid myself of those disempowering feelings, I must show myself and the universe that I have plenty. I must actively choose to feel that I have plenty. Pay it forward, spread your wealth (even if it is a source of worry for you right now) and your life will flow with the universe. Surrender the thoughts of not having enough and more will come you way.

Share the wealth you do have and abundance will find you. If you don’t feel abundance all around you yet, act as if you do!! I’m not talking grand gestures, but simple things like buying a stranger a coffee, signing up to one of those charity fundraisers in the street or buying a big issue.

Give yourself the gift of abundance, by giving to others, in any way you can. The Universe will get on board, hear you and send it right back your way.

Happy Christmas to you. I hope it brings you health, love, abundance and the courage to pursue your dreams.