Waxing Moon Meditation (Moon Manifesting Series)


Shine and be seen!


In this waxing moon meditation, you will use the moon magic of the new moon to manifest your desires!

This guided visualization meditation is to be used during the Waxing Moon phase. This is a time in which you can use the rising energy of the moon to see things clearly and to take positive action. It is a go-getter time in which you can put into motion all that you need to in order to manifest your New Moon goals and desires.

As Kirsty Gallagher says, “Use the growing light of the moon to be big, bold and brave. Get out there into the world just as the moon is doing. Shine and be seen”.

Use each one of these 4 guided meditations at the correct time of the lunar cycle and you will create a POWERFUL Law of Attraction moon ritual that will give you the life of abundance and joy that you deserve!

Jess ❤️️

Length: 12 minutes.