Waning Moon Meditation (Moon Manifesting Series)


Manifest using the waning moon!


In this waning moon meditation, you will use the moon magic of the waning moon to manifest your desires!

This guided visualization meditation is to be used during the Waning Moon phase. This is a time in which you can let go of limiting beliefs and fears and do the deep inner work of healing and releasing. You may have become aware of some things that need healing and releasing within you during the Full Moon phase and now, during the Waning Moon phase, it is the perfect time to let go of the past and what no longer serves you.

As Kirsty Gallagher says, “As the Waning Moon draws your awareness into your inner world, you release self-doubt, self-sabotage and voices of not enough. It’s like preparing the soil again so conditions are ideal for planting once the new moon arrives again.”

Use each one of these 4 guided meditations at the correct time of the lunar cycle and you will create a POWERFUL Law of Attraction moon ritual that will give you the life of abundance and joy that you deserve!

Jess ❤️️

Length: 13 minutes.