Trust the Universe and Let Go - Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep)


Allow yourself to trust the Universe!


I AM affirmations.

8hrs of ALLOWING affirmations to help you let go, surrender and trust the Universe to manifest miracles for you!

This Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep) track is a beautiful sequence of letting go, allowing and Law of Attraction affirmations – enabling you to truly surrender and trust the process as THE UNIVERSE LOVES, GUIDES and SUPPORTS YOU to manifest your dream life!

For all those that have wondered how to surrender or how to manifest your dream life, know that it is a crucial part of manifesting – for when you trust the Universe and surrender, you allow magic to happen. You allow miracles to take place.

Enjoy these beautiful Law of Attraction affirmations as they raise your vibration to a MUCH high vibration, enabling you to connect with your higher self and manifest your dream life from a place of ‘allowing’.

Length: 7hrs 50mins.