Self Worth Meditation (15 Minute Meditation for Self Love)


Reclaim your Innate Worthiness!


Reconnecting with your soul at your very core, in this 15 minute self worth meditation you will be guided to KNOW YOUR VALUE and to realise just how worthy you are of love, self love, happiness, abundance and all the good of life.

In some ways this special 15 minute guided meditation could be viewed as an inner child healing meditation because of how it connects you to the spark that is you – you in your purest, most authentic form. For this reason, you can expect DEEP HEALING to take place and for you to build self esteem strongly through the power of self love.

Enjoy this self love meditation my friends and do it often – you SO deserve to know how worthy you are!

I love you,
Jess ❤️️

Length: 14 minutes.