Morning Gratitude Affirmations (10 Minute Meditation)


Powerful gratitude affirmations to start your day!


A transformative 10 minute meditation – comprised of POWERFUL morning gratitude affirmations that will bless your days (and whole life) with miracles.

To be listened to EVERY MORNING as part of your morning meditation routine, these very special morning affirmations hold within them TRUE MAGIC (and the power for you to completely transform your life).

You can either repeat the thank you affirmations after you hear them, or you can simply listen to the track like a guided gratitude meditation. Either way, you can expect the magic to happen!

Remember that you are only a 10 min meditation away from creating the life that you REALLY WANT – for the power of gratitude more potent than you can imagine and it will magnetise and maximise your power of manifestation.

I love you,
Jess ❤️️

Length: 11 minutes.