Letting Go Meditation - Freedom from all Limitations!

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Finally release all that has been holding you back. Let go and live!


  • Harbouring painful memories?
  • Held back by limiting beliefs?
  • Weighed down by negative thoughts?

This guided letting go meditation will: finally rid you of all obstacles that stand in the way of you living a joyful life.

Ideal for:-

  • Moving on from a relationship
  • Letting go of baggage from the past
  • Releasing negative thought patterns
  • Beginning anew

Length: 22 minutes

2 reviews for Letting Go Meditation – Freedom from all Limitations!

  1. Minny


  2. Christina

    I must say that this meditation has helped calm me down a lot. I have a lot of anger from childhood trauma that really makes it hard for me to have a happy relationship; I tend to be mean. I now feel more calm than ever! My relationship is improving and I feel happier. I am new to meditation and I don’t want to stop. I listened to a few other meditations but the ones you find on this website are the best, in my opinion. Very soothing voice that helps me relax and be able to clear my mind.
    Thanks Jess

    • Jess

      Hearing this Christina fills me with a joy I can’t describe; to know that my work is making a difference. It is a privilege to have helped a fellow soul on their journey. You have helped me hugely by connecting, I am very grateful Please stay in touch and let me know if you ever have a request for another meditation and I will make it for you. With love, Jess

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