10 Minute Healing Meditation (Divine Healing to Heal Disease)


Heal disease and illness COMPLETELY!


In this 10 minute meditation to heal the body, you will use your divine HEALING TEAM to work a healing miracle within you – healing disease and illness COMPLETELY.

A powerful divine healing guided meditation, in this beautiful healing hypnosis you will experience deep cleansing and rebalancing of your internal landscape: physically, emotionally and spiritually – RELEASING all toxicity and illness from your body.

As this healing meditation returns you to a place of profound health, you will be taken on a visualization meditation journey. You will witness and feel your Healing Team workings its miracle magic with you and you will feel yourself returning to PERFECT health.

Really allow the miracle of this heal disease meditation to work potently within you – perfect health is your BIRTHRIGHT and you DESERVE to flourish! And so it is 🌠

Jess ❤️️

Length: 12 minutes.