Gratitude Meditation ❤️️ 21 Day Transformation


Transform your life in 21 days with this special gratitude meditation!


Raise your vibration in mere minutes with this beautiful Gratitude Meditation – a powerful series of gratitude affirmations carefully-crafted to help you to manifest the life of your dreams. Listen to this EVERY DAY for 21 DAYS and you will see your world transform!

This is an incredibly uplifting guided meditation, which you can either choose to listen to as a closed-eye meditation or whilst you are starting/completing your day. Created in 432 HZ, these Theta binaural beats will make you feel very relaxed but conscious and open to intuitive learning – perfect for reprogramming your mind to think happy, positive thoughts more often.

Remember that it is YOUR GRATITUDE that will magnetise and maximise your power of manifestation.

Length: 12 minutes.