Gong Meditation Music ❤️️ Healing Sound Bath


Clear mental noise and connect to the peace of the present moment.


A very powerful mindfulness practice, gong meditation involves the therapeutic sound of gongs and/or singing bowls and symbols – all of which combine to create a deeply calming symphony of sound. Renowned for its ability to quieten mental chatter and take you into deep states of consciousness with far more ease, gong meditation is ideal for those seeking peace and a reconnection with the stillness inherent in their core.

Known also as a ‘gong bath’, gong meditation music is often described by those who have experienced it as a “therapeutic bath of sound”, clearing the relentless mental noise that overwhelms our daily lives (thereby allowing the quiet and stillness found in the present moment). Originating from Asia, this ancient healing sound bath technique produces a beautiful feeling of well-being by radiating a powerful vibration of peace into the body’s water (80% of our body is made of water).

Length: 2 hours.