Gain Weight Subliminal - Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep)


Allow yourself to gain healthy weight!


I AM affirmations.

8hrs of gain weight subliminal affirmations to support you on your path to eating disorder recovery and self love abundance!

In this weight gain transformation Reprogram Your Mind (While You Sleep) track, you will develop a healthy relationship with food and gain weight fast through the power of self love.

Whether you have anorexia, orthorexia, body dysmorphia or any other related eating disorder, this healing affirmations track will help you to love yourself back to being a healthy weight. IT IS TIME to heal your body and love your body now!

Allow these powerful self love affirmations to guide you to find (and follow) your answers to how to gain weight and how to eat more LONG TERM so you can have optimal health and a life full of happiness and harmony.

Length: 7hrs 48mins.