Full Moon Meditation (Moon Manifesting Series)


Manifest using the full moon!


In this full moon meditation, you will use the moon magic of the full moon to manifest your desires!

Inspired by the work of Kirsty Gallagher and her bestselling book Lunar Living, I have created a 4 part Moon Manifesting Meditation Series. This meditation series will help you to manifest your goals by using the power of the moon in the 4 main stages of its cycle: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon.

This manifestation visualization meditation is to be used during the Full Moon phase. This is a time of completion – in which you can either celebrate a goal that has been reached or you can see very clearly what stood in the way of you getting what you wanted.

As Kirsty Gallagher says, “Give thanks for the abundance and magic in your life.” and “use the illumination of the full moon to see what you need to see.”

Use each one of these 4 guided meditations at the correct time of the lunar cycle and you will create a POWERFUL Law of Attraction moon ritual that will give you the life of abundance and joy that you deserve!

Jess ❤️️

Length: 12 minutes.