Powerful Abundance Meditation - Manifest Your Dreams!

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Unleash the powerful creator within you! Manifest EVERYTHING you have ever wanted.


  • Unfulfilled by your life?
  • Don’t know what you REALLY want?
  • Just know you want so much more?

This guided abundance meditation is one of the most highly acclaimed meditations available online today. It is incredibly powerful, having helped thousands of people around the world to create real abundance in their lives.

It will fast track you to realising what you truly want and it will awaken the powerful creator within, allowing you can manifest ALL your dreams rapidly.

Ideal for:-

  • Discovering your DEEPEST desires
  • Empowerment
  • Creating wealth, health and fulfilling relationships
  • Feeling elated

Length: 16 minutes

25 reviews for Powerful Abundance Meditation – Manifest Your Dreams!

  1. Naomi

    I had visions of dreams during this that I didn’t even know I wanted! So thank you! I now feel like I have a beautiful dream for my life that I cannot wait to fullfill so thank you for allowing me to open up to that xxx

  2. Minny

    This has made my day, what a delightful meditation xx

  3. Camilia

    This was absolutely beautiful, thank you ❤️

  4. Ricky

    Couldn’t stop crying…
    Thank you for showing me out of my mind that has become more pessimistic….for showing me to INVITE peace, abundance, and love back into my spirit.
    Love you

  5. Dillon Brady

    Wow you are incredible – best guided meditation I’ve ever done. Thank you ❤️

  6. Linda

    This is my favorite meditation, thanks

  7. Eva A

    Thank you for your gifts and beautiful voice, I cry everytime I listen to this meditation I feel the energy of Love and abundance all around me and extending miles away it fully overtakes my spirit….I feel so much love from God, Universe, and all that is!! I know abundance in every area is coming my way. Thank you and God bless you! p.s. don’t forget to rescue and love an animal that has been abandoned, abused and neglected together we can end animal abuse. Thank you. Namaste.

  8. Sade Love

    This was amazing! I always know I am in tuned with the guided meditation when I “get there” before you speak it.
    I appreciate this meditation so much! It was so pure, accepting, and received by me.

  9. Naomi

    WOW. seriously one of the best meditations i have ever. ever. done. thank you so much for this is beautiful <3

  10. ELM Production Studios

    I just listened to this and found it professionally done. Your voice is like an angel. Nice mixing. Thank you for send me far away. I wish it was longer

  11. Nettie G

    Whoever made this thank you so much. I adore u

  12. Subashini

    I just loved it. Beautiful voice, perfect words, covered almost all the topics one want to achieve in life. Yes. I woke up smiling. Thank you so much for this

  13. Samuel

    Not sure if pms or what, but I literally cried at the part where you have the thoughts of not being good enough and use the Golden light to let them go. Thank you :)

  14. Rowan Hughes

    omg thank you. this was absolutely perfect. I truly am

  15. Leahnora

    Thank you so much for this meditation I’m full of inspiration and I believe all my dreams will manifest. Thank you for filling me with hope!

  16. Ilsor D


  17. suzette hester

    Thank you for sharing, it is amazing.

  18. Ernestas Jasil

    Very nice meditation and very nice voice. Good balance with music. Also perfect “script”, not rushing into imagining something, slowly going to relaxation, then dreams visualisation and then slowly out. One of the best and I listen a lot of on youtube. Thanks.

  19. Lorraine D V

    Thank you… this came at a time when I really needed it and you are amazing.

  20. Helen Lilga

    Really beautiful. You have a lovely soft and soothing voice that compliments the music perfectly. Really enjoyed this meditation 🙂 x

  21. Amanda Pickering

    I absolutely loved this!! It’s taken me a while to find a meditation I really connected with and this is it! Thank you x

  22. Muzieka

    what an amazing meditation..

    all is well in my world and affairs :)

  23. Lucy B

    Thank you so much, I really needed this today.I can picture the life I want for myself and my son and I know the universe will grant it.

  24. Marshall

    This is the meditation that most resonates with me in the whole world!! I love you ✨ THANK YOU!!!!

    PS: thanks for saving me in so many ways and so many times you could ever imagine ✨✨ I wish the Universe fills you with JOY !!!! ✨

  25. Sara P.

    I Loved it!! The BEST guided meditation I have heard!!

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