10 Minute Self Confidence Meditation (Manifestation Meditation)


Get the outcome you most desire!


In this self confidence meditation, you will free yourself from fear and you will generate the self confidence you want to feel in a particular place, event or circumstance (and manifest SUCCESS in that area)!

A powerful 10 minute guided meditation for confidence, this track will firstly eradicate all your limiting beliefs before taking you on a visualization meditation journey to manifest the exact outcome you desire in any place or event you wish to focus on.

Not only is this a transformative self esteem meditation that builds self confidence, but it is also a POWERFUL abundance meditation. Focus this manifestation meditation on a particular area of your life and you will attract abundance there HUGELY – for you are using the Law of Attraction to bring you the success, high self esteem and happiness you desire and deserve!

It is time to unlock your inner power and manifest your dream life!

I love you,
Jess ❤️️

Length: 11 minutes.