Welcome Aboard!

Your order has been received!

Each day, for the next 3 days you will receive a Carpe Diem To-Do List via email.

Each day, you will pick 4 things from that day’s To-Do List and complete them within 24hrs of receipt of the email.

So, by the end of the program, you will have completed 12 things in total.

The Exciting Part

Some of the things you are asked to do may take you out of your comfort zone and scare/challenge you. GOOD! That’s a good thing. When we face our fears and do it anyway, we get somewhere and start living the life we LOVE, rather than a safe, mediocre life.

IMPORTANT: Tell someone you know that you are going to do this Carpe Diem course and that you will have 4 things to tell them about at the end of the day. Ask them to check in with you at the end of each 24hr period to hear your great news.

Must We Follow These Instructions Rigidly You Ask?

Yes. You must complete 4 things each day (12 in total) and stick to the 24hr per day time-frame.

This is about allowing the program to have the maximum impact it can have on you. It’s about really sparking those flames of inspiration and zest for life that are waiting to be ignited in you. The more lenient you are with yourself in the program, the more excuses you will find for not doing it properly, and we don’t want that – do we?!

That’s It!

Get a good night’s sleep tonight because tomorrow is going to be A LOT of fun.

With love,