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Reprogram Your Mind – WEALTH Affirmations (While You Sleep)

Create UNLIMITED WEALTH in your life!

Reprogramming the subconscious mind is a vital part of being able to release old, limiting patterns so that you can begin manifesting what you really want into your life.

Most people don’t realise how much negative junk they have lodged in their subconscious and just how much that has been stopping all their desires from manifesting. But with this 8hr track (to listen to while you sleep), the subconscious will be reprogrammed and your dreams will become reality!

I will be releasing a series of these ‘REPROGRAM YOUR MIND’ videos. This first one is for creating huge prosperity in your life. If there are others you’d particularly like me to create, let me know by commenting below!


8hrs of powerful wealth affirmations to reprogram your mind so that you can attract MASSIVE money into your life.

These beautiful ‘I AM’ money affirmations will AUTOMATICALLY reprogram your mind while you sleep so that you can erase past conditioning and rewire your thoughts to align with a vibration of huge prosperity.

I love you,
Jess ❤️️


2 thoughts on “Reprogram Your Mind – WEALTH Affirmations (While You Sleep)

  1. Yasmina

    Played this last night, your voice is very soothing. Could you do a sleep one addressing emotional and physical healing, pain, wellbeing, sleep, loving reassurance? Thank you for this site it’s brilliant. Keep smiling. Love, Jas xxx

    1. Jess Post author

      I sure can Jas! I will probably create a number of recordings to cover all of the topics e.g. 1. Loving Reassurance and Wellbeing 2. Emotional Healing 3. Physical Healing. Hopefully that is what you are after! So happy you liked the 1st one I created 🙂 Thank you for all your support! Sending you love, Jess xx


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