Relaxation Meditation: Deep Calm & Bliss

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Effortlessly dissolve all stress. Create a deep state of calm within you.



  • Need a break from hectic life?
  • Stressed out?
  • Suffering from anxiety?

This guided relaxation meditation will: take you a million miles from all that stress and will vanquish patterns of anxiety.

Ideal for:-

  • Stress-relief
  • Revitalising your energy
  • Calming you right down
  • When you can’t afford a spa day and need a zen-top up

Length: 14 minutes

3 reviews for Relaxation Meditation: Deep Calm & Bliss

  1. Liz

    fantastic guided meditation! the voice was so soothing and the meditation left me feeling completely relaxed!

  2. emma hofmann

    would like to hear some of your guided Meditation.

  3. Laurie maxwell

    Fantastic way to relax

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