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8 Steps To Finding Your Purpose In Life

I spent my whole life searching for my purpose.

I lived in Roadrunner Mode – darting from my soul-less job, to meaningless rendez-vous with friends, to the latest romantic intrigue that didn’t fulfil me. Never stopping to reflect or connect.

Don’t get me wrong, there were good times but I wasn’t living a meaningful life. None of it really mattered to me.

Subconsciously I was searching for my real purpose here – something that would fill my soul with a sense of deep contentment and authenticity.

Then the Universe delivered. My world came crashing down. In 2012 the events that unravelled propelled me into a state of consciousness in which I knew exactly what I was meant to be doing here.

I followed the below 8 steps to get from where I was to where I am right now. These steps too will deliver you to finding your purpose in life.

1. Follow your joy

We each have a unique purpose here, and we realise it by connecting to our joy.

You see, our true state of being is in fact a state of happiness and complete bliss.

The more you follow your joy, the more you will connect with where you come from, who you really are, and your purpose in life.

2. Don’t try and figure it out

People drive themselves crazy thinking about what their purpose is. They go round and round in circles trying to find the big truth.

But they are looking in the wrong place. It is not in the mind. It is in the heart.

3. It’s all about the FEELING

Just listen, freely and openly to what feels good to you. Write it down.

Everything. Pages and pages of it.

Whatever you have written down, whether it is ice-cream, nail painting, or being loving, it is important. Each and every one will lead you to the treasure.

4. Do it every day

Begin using your inner joy gauge every day. It’s right there in your heart.

Connect every day to what feels good. Every single day.

If someone calls you to make an arrangement, if you are querying taking a break, if you are considering a new career path.

What feels good?

5. Be single-minded

Don’t listen to yourself or anyone else who tells you to do anything that does not align with following your heart.

Negative beliefs will crush your joy if you let them.

Commit 100% to following the good feelings and I promise you will end up where you want to be.

6. Make yourself a promise

Promise yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY when you wake up that you will focus on following your joy.

Setting your intention at the start of the day is very powerful. Anything that feels good, do it, say it, make it.

7. Be open to the new abundance that blossoms in your life

Be open to the new – the new opportunity that arises, the new person you meet, the new hobby you take up.

It’s all leading you where you need to go.

8. Have the courage

Sometimes what makes us feel good is also frightening.

Step right up to the edge of the cliff. Take a deep breath and jump.

Enjoy the ride because a pink fluffy cloud is waiting to catch you at the bottom.

What Happens When You Don’t Follow Your Joy

If you do not follow your joy, the Universe will deliver a ‘Wake Up’ event in your life. The more you don’t listen, the more painful these events become.

So start following your joy now. Whatever feels good is where you are meant to be.

Joy Will Transform You Into Who You Were Born To Be

Once you start living more of your joy you will begin to feel as though you are living a more authentic ‘you’.

The better it all feels, the more you know you are doing it right – you are cottoning on to something real and profound.

You are cottoning on to the abundance of life and your authenticity – what you were born to do.

This is what it means to truly love yourself; to live authentically in a state of joy. By embracing your good and moving away from pain, you honour yourself.

You Have a Gift For The World

I don’t know you. I don’t know what amazing thing you were born to do, but I am excited about it.

If you follow your joy you will give the world a gift greater than you could ever have imagined.

By following your joy, you love yourself and the world will love you for it.


So, what feels good to you?

With all my love,

4 thoughts on “8 Steps To Finding Your Purpose In Life

  1. Keri Kight

    I know exactly what you mean by Roadrunner Mode. At one point in my life, I was working full time, going to school full time, bouncing around from guy to guy trying to find love, not really connecting with anyone, and wondering why I wasn’t happy. I was a complete mess and I truly thought it was because I wasn’t working hard enough towards my dreams. And yet I didn’t really know what my dreams were.

    I’m happy to say that I’ve overcome that vicious cycle. Life is bliss.

    1. Jess Post author

      Hi Keri

      Thank you for connecting here and for letting us know a little about your story.

      I find it so interesting that you thought were not working hard enough as it sounds as though you were working your socks off! Amazing what our belief systems tell us and how different everybody’s is. Well done for getting the life of bliss you deserve 🙂

      I am off to your site to find out more about you now!

      With so much love,

  2. Clare

    I can really relate to this too — what I found useful was just asking myself the question “What is my purpose?” and letting my subconscious do the work. The book, What Colour is your parachute was also a massive help.

    1. Jess Post author

      Great suggestion about allowing your subconscious to do the work! Yes, isn’t it amazing how we can tap into our infinite knowledge at all times? We are phenomenal beings.

      Thank you for the book suggestion. I have not come across it before and it is something that I am reading lots about at the moment so I shall take a look.

      Love and sunshine to you Clare!


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