This is part of the You Can Change Your Life Series.


Find Your Purpose & Get Rich (While You Sleep)

It’s time to unlock the genius within you!

The 7th in the ‘REPROGRAM YOUR MIND (While You Sleep)‘ series, this near 8hr track will enable you to find your purpose in life.

I personally believe that when we don’t know our purpose in life, it is because we developed in our childhood huge mental blocks that have clouded, confused and hidden our passion and TRUE SELF from us. Take The 30 Question Passion Quiz to help you start thinking differently about finding your purpose.

This powerful track will DISSOLVE ALL MENTAL BARRIERS that have been limiting you, so that you NOT ONLY discover your purpose, but that you ALSO MANIFEST WEALTH in doing so.

Let me know what happens for you in the video’s comments!

I love you,
Jess ❤️️

1 thought on “Find Your Purpose & Get Rich (While You Sleep)

  1. Ali Jayne

    Hi Jess,
    Love this so much. Please make it an audio download minus the video if possible. Playing 7 hours of video stream kills my phone overnight but loved the audio part and would love to use it again.
    Thank you!


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