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wayne dyer speaking at a conference with a projector screen reading 'when you correct your mind, everything falls into place'

Can Miracles Happen in Just 1 Week? My True Story!

On Thursday 1st October, I was due to see Dr Wayne Dyer speak at a conference in London. When I heard he had passed away, I was so deeply saddened that I wouldn’t get to hear his wise voice, nor be in the presence of (what I believe to have been) a descended angel.

The event however was not cancelled. It was instead hosted by Robert Holden (author of Shift Happens) and Anita Moorjani (Wayne’s protégé and author of Dying to be Me). Both of these spiritual teachers and Wayne Dyer himself were very dear to my late sister’s heart and I found it no coincidence that they were due to host this conference.

I just knew I had to go.   Continue reading

This is part of the You Can Change Your Life Series.

Dr Wayne Dyer sitting in a chair and smiling, bald wearing a black shirt

37 Ultimate Dr Wayne Dyer Quotes

My beloved guru Dr Wayne Dyer died on the 30th August 2015, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to enlighten and inspire for many years to come.

My love of this great man began when I was given a CD of his beautiful ‘Everyday Wisdom’ by my sister a few years ago. Since then I have read a number of his books, including the story of his exceptional life ‘I Can See Clearly Now’, and I was due to hear him speak in a conference in London October 2015 – just 1 month from now.

I have listened to his enlightening, eloquent words often and wish to share a few of my favourite Wayne Dyer quotes with you now. I hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired me.  Continue reading

This is part of the You Can Change Your Life Series.

silver buddha statue in meditation

How to Meditate – a Beginner’s Guide

Meditation for a beginner is daunting and confusing. How on earth do you get started and what do you do? Well this step-by-step guide is as simple as they come. Follow this guide and soon you’ll be teaching the Dalai Lama how to meditate like a pro (ok maybe I’m getting a little excited…). Continue reading

This is part of the You Can Change Your Life Series.

Grab a Cuppa – Let’s Chit Chat Live The Life You Love – A Podcast

Today I want to share a podcast chat I had with my friend Chris Brown a while ago, a special person and another beacon of inspiration online. He is a superb architect that is in the process of transforming his career; following his dream of setting up his own yoga studio, moving country and building a successful online business. You can check out his blog Chris Brown Studios filled with goodies, including amazing yoga session videos.

So cuddle up with a cuppa, listen to my interview with Chris,  and get to know me a little better – the girl behind Live The Life You Love.

Click below –

A Podcast – Live The Life You Love

I would love to get to know you better toolet me know if you want to Skype and chit chat sometime. I want to hear how you are doing, how you are getting on making your dreams come true, if anything is holding you back and what really makes your heart sing. I am here to support you on your path to following your joy. Honestly, I don’t bite 🙂

With love,




This is part of the You Can Change Your Life Series.

guided meditations beach

10 Best Guided Meditations on YouTube

As you know, I have been going through a particularly difficult period in my life recently and at times I have felt depressed, anxious and physically/mentally exhausted. When I feel like this I know that the greatest thing I can do to support myself is to meditate either by using a mindful breathing technique or by listening to guided meditations.

I find that meditation gives me a break from any negativity I feel and it actually shifts my consciousness so that I can view life in a more positive way, which in turn eases my depression/anxiety/exhaustion; sometimes, it eradicates it completely.

I have collated 10 of my favourite guided meditations, all of which are free on YouTube. No matter what troubles you face in your life, or even if you simply seek some quiet relaxation time for yourself, there is a guided meditation that would be perfect for you.

Have a flick through the list and see which one you are drawn to. Continue reading

This is part of the You Can Change Your Life Series.

The 5 Minute Life Test (You Didn’t Know You Had to Do)

When I wrote my last post, there was a 50% chance that my next article would be to deliver devastating news; that my beautiful sister Katie had lost her fight against cancer.

But that is not the blog post that I have to write today. Rather, I have a jubilant piece of news to share with you, my very special community.

Katie has been triumphant. The Doctor’s last scan has reported that the tumors in her bones and organs have almost completely disappeared and that the chemotherapy has worked. Katie still has another week of therapy in hospital, however the outcome is one we have already begun rejoicing.

So many of you have been incredibly supportive of my family and I through this and I want you to know how much that has meant to us. You have sent prayers, visualisations and healing our way and I truly believe that it has made a huge difference. Thank you. Continue reading

This is part of the You Can Change Your Life Series.

5 Vital Life Lessons to Learn before It’s Too Late

The call came at 9am on the 30th October 2014. It was my sister, Katie; the eldest sister alive after the passing of my father and other beloved sister 2 years ago.

“I need to tell you something sweetheart. Have you got your gorgeous Sam there to hold your hand whilst I tell you? Ok, well the Doctor’s have told me that I have cancer and that it is terminal, my love. It has spread to my pancreas, ovaries, jaw, skull and breasts. They don’t know how long I have left to live but my instinct is that I have days left, weeks if I am lucky. I’m not sure how long I have to tell you all the things I want to say, so I’m going to tell you whilst I still can.”

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This is part of the You Can Change Your Life Series.

Are You Haunted By Would Have, Could Have, Should Have?

The would have, could have, should have phrases that can sometimes play out in our minds are nothing but stifling, negative and destructive.

And there have been times in my life in which I have been riddled by these conditional phrases.

I have beaten myself up for not having spent more time with my father and sister before they passed on. I have regretted not savouring each precious moment I had with them and remembering to celebrate the love we shared every day whilst they were still here. I have tormented myself for having taken so many long, painful years to start pursuing my dream career. I have berated myself for not saving 1 penny of money whilst I had such a substantial income and for spending every dime on meaningless superficialities. I have judged and pigeon-holed myself as a failure for not being more of a conventional ‘success’. I have wished I could go back in time and nurture truly special friendships that I allowed to dwindle away. I have churned over so many lost opportunities to partake in activities that truly made my heart sing at University and thus meet like minded people.
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This is part of the You Can Change Your Life Series.

7 Surprising Questions To Help With Lost Motivation

Do you ever go through periods of feeling highly motivated and being extremely productive? You are waking up every morning fresh and energised, you are making fantastic headway at work, your relationships are blossoming, you are feeling great about yourself, you are increasing your fitness and you are eating insanely healthy food. Life feels as though it is opening up to you and that you are cruising powerfully downstream, aligning with all those things that you know are best for you. You feel committed to riding the positive wave and you know that you are tapping into the secret to a happy life.

But then, something happens.
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