This is part of the Falling In Love With Yourself Series.

13 Ways To Love Yourself More

“Loving yourself is about weaving a tapestry of little things that make you shine your joy”

1. Greet Yourself

At the beginning of every day, when you first wake up, give yourself a big hug and tell yourself ‘I love you’. Feel the warmth from your words and your cuddle.

2. Celebrate Yourself

At the end of every day, when you are lying in bed, remember all of the lovely things that you did for yourself and others that day. Every smile, every moment of creativity, every moment of stillness, every moment of kindness. Celebrate it all.

3. Be Kind To Yourself

There are ups and downs in life. Challenges and obstacles.

No matter what comes at you, be kind and gentle with yourself throughout.

You are doing so well.

4. Choose Positivity

Every time negativity comes up throughout your day, bless it and send it on its way. Choose positivity instead. What a thing to love yourself for!

5. One Act Every Day

Do one thing every day that demonstrates self-love. Maybe it is something you need: – a healthy walk, a wholesome soup or a moment of peace and quiet. Maybe it is a bit of indulgence: – a comforting slice of chocolate cake, a massage or an afternoon kip.

6. Connect With Your Inner Child Often

See yourself as the little person inside you. When someone hurts you, when you feel angry, when you feel shy, when you feel afraid. Think for a moment about who it really is that is behind all of these emotions and cuddle them.

7. Meditate


Meditation gives you clarity.

It gives you a much-needed break from the world and it connects you to who you really are and where you come from.

Meditation turns on the tap to an infinite source of love.

8. Exercise

In whatever form:- yoga, running, walking, tennis, swimming. Your body is the greatest thing you will ever own and you can treat it as such. So go and release some endorphins!

9. Get Enough Sleep

We need time to recharge. We don’t expect our phone to run all day unless we have charged it properly at night, do we? Our minds, bodies and spirits are very busy all day long and they need quality rest.

10. Play With Perspective

Step into the shoes of someone that really loves you. See yourself as they see you. See all those things that they love about you. See just how amazing you are.

11. Be Grateful


Express gratitude for everything in your life, all day long.

From your comfy bed, to your wonderful legs, to the water that runs freely from your taps at home.

You will begin to feel so lucky and the Universe will reward you with so much more.

12. Congratulate Yourself

Everyone responds to encouragement, including you! Every time you remember to love yourself, every time you complete a task, every time you remember to laugh: – tell yourself how well you are doing!

13. Dream

The world is your oyster and you were born to have it all. Get dreaming – love yourself enough to go after the life you really want.

Don’t wait too long to begin loving yourself. You deserve all of your love – you are a magnificent expression of life.

With all my love,


6 thoughts on “13 Ways To Love Yourself More

  1. trina

    The you are doing so well comment made my eyes water. It was just the thing I needed to remind myself. Thank you for your great insight on how to love yourself! It is such an important thing.

    1. Jess Post author

      I am just so happy to be able to shine a little light for us all 🙂 Love is the easiest energy to connect with because it is native to us. Ask to find it within yourself, and you will.

      Always here <3


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